Sincere thank you to all

Cynthia V.
on 7/29/04 1:16 pm - Florida, NY
RNY on 09/07/04 with
I just read the welcome posts. Thank you for the wonderful encouragement. I'm sitting here crying my eyes out, from happiness, knowing that there are such wonderful people here. Again, thank you.
on 7/30/04 3:56 pm
Have no fear, your WLS friends are here! HAHA! All silly slogans aside, remember you are not alone in this!! I'll be praying for you!! -Katie Slaughter
on 8/2/04 3:42 am - W. Bridgewater, MA
Passing the tissue box right now....((((HUGS))))If you don't stop then you'll have me tearing up.... Erin
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