I, too have a date! ;)

Donna L.
on 7/30/04 9:09 am - Overland Park, KS
Received the call from surgeon's office on Tuesday morning (7-27-04) that my surgery date is Monday, September 27, 2004.
on 7/30/04 9:32 am - Coshocton, OH
RNY on 09/01/04 with
Congratulations!!! Now you are in the September club! That is great news on finally getting a date! Do ya feel like dancing? Doreen
Donna L.
on 7/30/04 12:02 pm - Overland Park, KS
Thank you for your note, Doreen. Actually I do feel like dancing.
Laura H.
on 7/30/04 11:24 pm - Belford, NJ
Donna L.
on 7/31/04 3:47 am - Overland Park, KS
Thank you, Laura, for the congrats. It's hard to believe the time is near.
on 8/1/04 11:22 pm - Milwaukee, WI
Congrats on your date, Donna Jenelle
Donna L.
on 8/2/04 2:59 am - Overland Park, KS
Thank you, Jenelle.
on 8/2/04 3:51 am - W. Bridgewater, MA
YEA!!! CONGRATULATIONS Donna!! WOO HOO!!!! Best phone call you have gotten in this lifetime huh? LOL Erin
Donna L.
on 8/2/04 10:58 am - Overland Park, KS
You betcha it was, Erin! My internist's office had called me the morning before telling me everything had been sent to the insurance company. It was great the next morning to have the call from the surgeon's office saying they had a date for me. I had prepared to wait a week or so before checking with insurance company to see if they had everything they needed.
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