Sept. surgery people... what have you been doing?

on 8/1/04 7:23 am - Coshocton, OH
RNY on 09/01/04 with
To get ready for your surgery? I have been making lists of things to bring to the hospital, sending emails to friends, pricing protein and supplements, and crossing my fave foods off my list as I eat them for the last time.. All I have left is Taco Bell and a loaf of home made bread and I am done. Been weaning myself away from food for the last 3 months. Hope to hear from you! Doreen for joy 30 days left
on 8/1/04 6:27 pm - Leesburg, VA
RNY on 09/14/04 with
I have been eating the foods I love and haven't eaten for a while and deciding what I want for my "last meal". I think I have decided on Red Lobster. I went this weekend and started looking at size 10 clothes... 24 now... I have also been eating at Wendy's ALOT. I could live there. bought some sugar free jello, some Crystal lite... gonna start getting the vitamins and calcium and all that good stuff after my nutrition class. don't want to buy the wrong stuff.
on 8/2/04 8:37 am - Coshocton, OH
RNY on 09/01/04 with
I am not a fast food person, I just like too much home cooking But I have been buying crystal light and bottled water and all my sugar free stuff. Been practicing making slushees and smoothies but for some reason they dont come out right.. I got most of my chewable vitamins already for sept. Just taking swallow ones for now. Have gotten some free samples of protein from a few websites to use after the surgery. I am gonna ask everyone for gift certificates for Christmas and my bday so I can buy some new clothes. By then hopefully we all will be a few sizes lower. Doreen
on 8/2/04 4:13 am - W. Bridgewater, MA
I am really in a panic. I know it is around the corner but I think to myself, if I don't buy it, the time won't fly by but September 2nd is coming fast and furious and I am scared to death.....(in a good way) I haven't been cutting back on anything even though my surgeon said if I put on weight he won't do the surgery. That has me nervous but I can't help it. My hubby keeps saying to me all the time..."You won't be able to eat this" or "You won't be able to eat that" It just makes me eat more. I just got 4 samples in the mail from unjury. I got 2 unflavored, 1 chocolate and 1 vanilla. Just to try them out. But I am going to wait till after surgery to try it out. As for vitamins they told me to take Flintstones Chewables and Tums for calcium but I am having a debate with that and I want to talk to my surgeon about that. I can pick those up at CVS a week before surgery. As for packing for the hospital, I think very little. I will use the hospital johnnies, the stockings they provide, but will bring my slippers just in case...everyone I have talked to said to bring chapstick chapstick chapstick....I will wear home what I came in except for a change of granny underwear....(Yes, I wear the grannies...LOL...I know it is TMI but hey....), clean pr of socks. I want to bring my CDman and some CD's just in case the noise from the hospital keeps me awake, hair brush. The hospital usually provides the tooth brush,tooth paste, soap, towels, and mouth wash but if I forget anything my hubby will bring it to me. And a book just in case but that is it. I think. Erin
on 8/2/04 8:32 am - Coshocton, OH
RNY on 09/01/04 with
Erin I know how you feel. I seem to be adding more and more to my list. I am gonna be pre optimistic and am having a yard sale this weekend and am putting most of my huge outfits I wear now in the sale and just keep out one or two. I have lots of clothes from 1 to 2 sizes smaller that I have been saving and am getting them out and freshened up. I am pretty done with eating everything I want. I am just trying to keep my weight steady now. Except... my son will be 21 tomorrow and am making his fave.. swedish meatballs, sigh so I guess one more day of eating wont kill me I have been taking extra biotin and flaxseed for over a month as well as zinc cos I have been hearing about the hair loss stories and you know what! My complexion has improved immensely! Doreen
on 8/2/04 1:03 pm - sullivans island, SC
How smart of you Doreen to be taking the biotin, etc.....but talk to me about the flaxseed. I have flaxseed oil from my last big weightloss effort: hypnotism with nutrition classes and behavior modifications. I tried the faxseed oil several ways, but it TASTES NASTY!! Any hints about how to use it? I like the Unjury stuff.....mixes easily and no bad taste. I wonder though how muchprotein we will get with it, since there is no way we can do an 8oz serving? Think we can mix with 1/2 the liquid in order to get the big amount of protein without the volumn? Wesie Robb, coast of SC, where we are glad tropical storm Alex passed us by
on 8/3/04 4:03 am - Leesburg, VA
RNY on 09/14/04 with
They talked about the volume in our support group last week. The nutritionist did not recommend cutting back on the volume... need to fluids to maintain hydration and bowel regularity. She said just sip it all day long if that is what it takes. She said some people have trouble drinking it after it has gotten warm or room temp so she recommended making your batch and then pouring out only what you can drink in an hour. She jokingly added that all the trips to the fridge to get more protein drink was an easy way to get more exercise. may I ask where you found the samples of the unjury on line? I want to buy samples rather than a 5 pound tub to see if I like it or not. Thanks.
on 8/3/04 10:12 am - sullivans island, SC
Good info, Wanda...and it makes sense!! Yep, I too ordered my sample packs from They were pretty inexpensive, and they only let you get 5, but I like the stuff, so will be getting the big tub I think. I put the choc one in a cup of decaf this am while speeding out to work at a horse show , and it was great! I think I will buy the unflavored though, as it can go in anything. Wesie
on 8/3/04 4:53 am - W. Bridgewater, MA
I too got samples of unjury. You can order samples from It came kinda quickly. I haven't tried them. I am afraid to. (I know, I am a BIG BABY....LOL) Erin
Bev B.
on 8/3/04 12:21 pm - Clayton, NC
Hi everybody! I can't wait to see if I'm successful posting to this group. It's trickier here than most sites i've been on for ohhhhhh 100 I got this from another list i'm on......just in case you see something you think you won't be able to live without but didn't think about. This is a very cheerful and comforting group!!! I've enjoyed lurking!#$#@& Bev BPD/DS Sept 27, 04 Items I Couldn't Live Without in the Hospital posted by Julianne - [email protected] (Note: I had a lap BPD/DS, and I went home after surgery instead of staying in a hotel. So, YMMV.) Chap Stick Baby wipes Stri-Dex face wipes (get the individually wrapped ones in the teal-colored box). You're not gonna feel like bending over the sink to wash your face. Cooling spray (Make your own by putting wintergreen rubbing alcohol or Sea Breeze in a little spray bottle. It's great for cooling off when you can't get to the shower... also, spray it on your feet; it feels awesome and really refreshing. TOTALLY worth it!) Hand lotion Small size shampoo / conditioner Toothbrush / toothpaste / small Listerine (if you can't brush your teeth, rinsing with Listerine helps a lot.) Back scratcher (my aunt brought me this as a gift in the hospital... it was AMAZING!) Tongs (for reacharound problems in the restroom) Ladies, bring maxi-pads. You will get your period--- bank on it. And the hospitals only have those belted things, and the belts never fit around us... :-/ Bandanna or Eye Mask for blocking out the light when you want to sleep Earplugs for when your roommate snores or the equipment hum makes you insane Slip-on, no-slip slippers (say that out loud, it's fun) Warm socks for when your feet get cold Long robe so you can walk around without flashing the world Walkman (though admittedly, the wires get annoying, especially when you have 8276 IVs sticking out of you) Cell Phone and charger (Strangely enough, the nurses said I could use my cell phone from my room. Check with your nurses first.) Comfy Pajamas (I bought two-piece pajamas that were two sizes too big, so the waist of the pajama pants wouldn't rub on my belly. I was very glad I brought two-piece PJs.) Hair-band, it'll keep your hair out of your face Inspirational notes and posts from people in this group; happy notes from friends. (I read them while in the waiting room before surgery.) A pillow for the car ride home (if your surgeon doesn't give you a bariatric pillow... mine didn't) Remember: What you wear to the hospital might not be what you'll be comfortable wearing home. So, either pack something extra, or wear something ultra-comfy to the hospital. What I brought and didn't wind up using Magazines Puzzle Books Stationery (Though my mom, who stayed with me the whole time, did bring a pad of writing paper, and she kept an ongoing journal of the hospital stay. So, you probably won't use the paper yourself, but perhaps someone with you might.) Various beauty products (nail polish -- I figured I'd be sitting around a lot, so why not do my nails... dumb idea.)
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