Please keep me in your prayers

on 3/26/06 4:00 am - Corunna, MI
Just want to let you all know I am going into Hurley on Thursday to have a hernia repair and a tummy tuck. I am so excited to have all that excess skin gone. But on the other hand I am so nervous. Kind of like when I had the bypass. Well talk again soon...Louann
on 3/26/06 8:35 pm - Indianapolis, IN
Louann...congrats on the PS. You will feel so much better with the hernia repaired as well. Are you at goal? I'm at 180 and set a goal of 140 (I'm 5'6") as my final goal. The ps surgeon wants you to be within 20 lbs of your goal. Of course, these last 20 lbs want to fight tooth & nail to come off. It makes me question if 140 is a reasonable goal. It's right smack in the middle for an 'ideal' BMI....which is how I set it. Perhaps, 155 would have been more realistic (the highest end for a BMI of 25). Anyway, congrats!! Sherri
on 3/30/06 1:30 pm - Riverside, RI
I hope all went well and I really hope your recovery is painless. Shannon
on 4/2/06 10:29 am - Corunna, MI
had my surgery and wanst so bad the first day but the 2 nd day the pain got out of control. Am better now. Am home and getting around more. I was sort pf discouraged at first got on the scales after getting home and saw a gain. I talked wth the Dr and he said it was from the swelling.Will haved to wait a few days to see the real results. Thanks for all the prayers. Now comes the hard part to keep off the weight...Louann
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