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Amy B.
on 4/14/06 4:00 am - Macedonia, OH
I had my surgery in 9-22-04 and I have done great. I have lost about 150 lbs and I look so much better and feel even better than that. My problem is this and I just want to know if you guys are experienceing the same thing, I am eating things I shouldnt and not doing all of my protein shakes and I am so mad at myself. I am not gaining but I am not losing either and I know I am making poor choices and after all that I have gone through I need to stop this nonsense and get back to eating and drinking the correct things and I also would like to lose another 35lbs and I am at 160 now someone please give me advice I stay away from sugar but I find that I am eating too many carbs and I just want to eat the right way. Please help!! Amybee open rny 9-22-04 306/160/125
on 4/16/06 11:21 pm - Indianapolis, IN
Amy, Sounds to me like you have the biggest problem licked. You know what you are doing wrong. I keep track of everything in I had asked my dietician how much of whatever I should be getting (and to still lose weight with). For the exercise I get (~5 miles/day walking), I was told the following: 1200-1400 calories (1000-1200 if I didn't walk so much) less than 30 g fat more than 30 g fiber (yeah, right!) more than 100 g carb 80-100 g protein (because I'm hypoglycemic, need extra protein) You may want to ask your dietician what would be right for you for your particular medical needs. I'm at the point of doing all of that (except having trouble getting in enough fiber) but not seeing it in the scales. Seeing it in clothes some though so I believe my body is losing fat...but gaining heavier muscles. Sherri 344/180/140
on 5/3/06 10:15 pm - Columbia, MO
Noticed your post. Sorry this is a little late but I wanted to reply because I, too, am having some of the same problems. I think mine has to do with the fact that carbs go down much easier than protein. But I find if I eat the protein first, I can't get the carbs in. If I have access to chips or something like that I find myself snacking. So, I have to not have anything like that in the house. I've lost 156 lbs so far. The last month, I lost another 12 lbs but that was because of a ventrical hernia repair. The doc said I will probably lose more in the next month because my system will not be back to normal until then. So, I know I need to make the best of these next few days. I also find that if I am snacking or not eating the right things, if I will stop and say, "Why are doing this? What are you really feeling right now or what are you trying not to feel right now?" It does help because I know I am an emotional eater and that does concern me. I don't want to be back where I was. Thanks for listening.
on 5/31/06 12:05 pm - Renton, WA
Amy and others, Are you feeling better now? I am having the same issues with food and need to know that others are struggling with it, getting better, dealing with success and learning curves, and still dealing with it. Hope you are better and please write and let us know how you're doing by now. I need support in this effort too. I have lost 155 pounds from 310 down to 155 (160 on a high day) but I am starting to regain some and I don't want to. Karen
on 3/29/07 12:24 am
Thanks so much to all of you. I know that I made a mistake neglecting OH for so long. I am ready to start all over and quit snacking and eating things I shouldnt. Thanks again! Love Amybee
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