Six years later....How are we doing??

Jen D.
on 1/24/13 11:22 am - Central, FL

I haven't checked this board in years.  I'm sad to admit that.  This board was integral in getting me to choose my VSG, and was crucial to my success in losing 70 pounds.  I went from 263 on surgery day to 193 a year later.  Weight has been slowly creeping up since 2008.  I'm now at 218 and working every day to keep from going any higher.  Most of my gain I attribute to failed fertility treatments in 2009-2010, and the adoption of my son who has a sleep disorder.  I've been sleeping about 6 hours a night for the last 3 years, with very little exercise.   

Trying to get back on a plan that will work.  I don't really feel restriction any more.  I still eat less than most people I know, but not as little as it used to be.  I eat a lot of "slider" foods to get around my sleeve.  Chocolate and chips are probably my worst and most regular vices.  Shameful.

I hate to feel like I'm squandering the gift of my sleeve.  I had a dream surgery and recovery.  Nary a side effect--except a couple of embarrassing dumping and gas incidents in public fairly early on.  Wishing I could get back to that honeymoon phase and really use my sleeve the way it was intended.  Anyone have any advice on that?


Jen D.

PreVSG/PostVSG:  263/193

Restart/Current/Goal:  235/228/160

Tawnya Z.
on 4/1/13 6:35 am - Brentwood, TN

Hi Jen,

I am right there with you on this one. I had surgery in Sept of 2007 and did great for many years, but have been so stressed out for the last 2 years that I have slowed slipped into bad habits and mindless "munching". I too had a great surgery and great recovery going from 404 lb to 159 lb and slowly I have slipped up to 222, I was horrified  when I realized that my BMI said I was obese! I have started on the pre-op diet for the next two week hoping to "jump start" my weight loss and get myself back under control.I went back to my food diaries from 2007-2010. Yes, I monitored everything for 3 years and realized that during the summer of 2010 I stopped, that is also the summer I started the PhD program, hence my stress. I have 15 hour and 1 damned dissertation left to write and I will be a monkey's auntie if I am going to be the old me when I get that final cap and gown. Finally, in the last year, I have moved and started a new high stress job with over a 2.5 hour commute daily meaning I haven't had time to exercise. I do not have any advice except that we need to "stick together" and help each other without being embarrassed about the failures and successes that we have had. I do hope to visit the boards more often, as I haven't visited since 2010 either. Hoping we can be board recovery friends and help support each other through this difficult phase.  

"I thank thee, O my God, for all the graces thou hast bestowed on me."                     St. Therese of Lisieux

Gina A.
on 9/6/13 12:25 am


I saw that your were going to do the "Pre Op" Diet!  How did that go for you?  I am as well starting to inch back up!  Need to stop that quick:)

I had surgery in January 2007.  I had my second child in August of 2008!  I felt awesome!  Since then I have had a couple of iron infusions.  I swear everytime  I have one I gain a miniumum of 10lbs! 

Any way.  I started today on the 5 day pouch test!  I think I have let my head get in my way. 


Hope you are doing well.


Oh weight...So I went from 270, down to 140....Now I am at 175 and this is just in the past month - month in a half!!!


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