1 Year Check -In

on 9/1/09 8:23 pm
Hi All -

Anyone out there who had surgery Sept 2, 2008?  Would love to hear from those 1 year out......  


Highest Weight = 206 lbs.
Surgery Weight = 185.6 lbs.
Current Weight = 122 lbs.
Goal Weight = 130 lbs. (5'1")
on 9/2/09 9:40 am - Northern, CA
I think we should all do a 1 year report.

So... you first! (I've still got 22 days to go.)

HW - 225 SW - 191 GW - 132 CW - 122
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on 9/2/09 11:32 am - Ithaca, NY
My surgiversary is Saturday, 9/5.  I'll try to remember to report.

Laura in Texas
on 9/9/09 11:46 pm

It's not quite my surgerversary, but I started counting at my pre-op liquid diet, since they did not weigh me the day of my surgery.  Here are my stats:

Month 1 (9/2-10/2) 30 pounds
Month 2 (10/2-11/2) 18 pounds
Month 3 (11/2-12/2) 18 pounds
Month 4 (12/2-1/2) 14 pounds
Month 5 (1/2-2/2) 12 pounds
Month 6 (2/2-3/2) 9 pounds
Month 7 (3/2-4/2) 12 pounds
Month 8 (4/2-5/2) 9 pounds
Month 9 (5/2-6/2) 10 pounds
Month 10 (6/2-7/2) 8 pounds
Month 11 (7/2-8/2) 11 pounds
Month 12 (8/2-9/2) 7 pounds

A year ago I weighed 311 pounds and today I weigh 152, for a loss of 159 pounds.  I've lost 187 since my highest recorded weight of 339.  My BMI is 23.8.  I hope to lose 6 more pounds.  I love to exercise and am healthy as a horse.  Life is amazing again!!


Laura in Texas

53 years old; 5'7" tall; HW: 339 (BMI=53); GW: 140 CW: 170 (BMI=27)

RNY: 09-17-08 Dr. Garth Davis

brachioplasty: 12-18-09 Dr. Wainwright; lbl/bl: 06-28-11 Dr. LoMonaco

"May your choices reflect your hopes and not your fears."

on 9/12/09 1:35 am
AMAZING!  I can't imagine!    You are truly an inspiration.  Thank you for sharing with me/us.


Highest Weight = 206 lbs.
Surgery Weight = 185.6 lbs.
Current Weight = 122 lbs.
Goal Weight = 130 lbs. (5'1")
on 9/10/09 7:40 am - vancouver, WA
Well for me 9/9/09 was a great day.  It was my one surgery anniversary.  In one year I dropped down from a size 24 jeans and today I am a size 6.  I started at 240 and now I am between 132 to 137 any given day.  I am not trying to lose anymore so as soon as I hit 132 I am eating a lot more junk.  Not good but I really don't want to lose more.  Never thought I would ever in my life say that. 

At the moment I am in the process of getting my panni removed.  My health insurance will cover that and my copay will be $15.00 if I go for the full tummy tuck that will be $7500 so I will go with the cheaper one.  The boobs are sad but know I can shop at Victoria Secrets and make them feel all dressed up.

This was the best year for me.  For me it was pretty easy but I also stuck to the rules for the first 6 months and really used that time to lose 80% of my weight I wanted to lose.  I am now a regular person with a normal appetite.  I notice that I am hungry a lot now but I snack on lots of fruits or if there is steak in the refridge I will take a couple pieces and eat that.  It really feels me up.  Better than chips where I think I could eat the whole little bags now.  Sounds funny now. Before I could put away the whole bag of Maui Onion Chips.

Mahalo guys for all your support.  I couldn't have done it without you. 


 5'4": Surgery 240/Current 135/Goal 140 = 105 lbs lost!!!  BMI 22.5 I'm Normal  

6 Years Later highest 198 / Current 176 / Goal 140
Hit Goal on 5/14/09 8 months out! 
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on 9/11/09 6:37 am - MURFREESBORO, TN
well I have lost 141 lbs in a year.  I still feel lost and I am mad at myself for  feeling that way. I am so afraid of regaining the weight. I have a aways to go but I hope I can continue to lose. would anybody be wiiling to send me a sample of their daily routine including food/water intake and exercise or give me a few pointers?
on 9/12/09 1:40 am
Hi - why are you mad?  You've lost over 100 pounds - talk about MAJOR accomplishment...Keep up the good work.  I'm down 84 lbs and 8 lbs under my goal. 

I eat protein, protein, protein and drink lots of water and diet iced tea...Sometimes I still need the lift me up (caffein) so I might do 1/2 and 1/2....I work long hours so I have to make sure I get in my meals - which is extremely difficult so I use protein shakes when I can't sit down and eat a normal meal. 

Great snacks include cheese, turkey (deli meat) with ww crackers -- fresh fruit, peanut butter crackers....

Good luck and keep us posted, okay?


Highest Weight = 206 lbs.
Surgery Weight = 185.6 lbs.
Current Weight = 122 lbs.
Goal Weight = 130 lbs. (5'1")
on 9/11/09 8:42 am
I was a year post op on 9/8.....I haven't lost as much as everyone else that posted but I have lost 102 lbs so far.  Started at 258 (or 263 depends on whos scale you go by)  and am now down to 156.  I still would like to lose another 25 lbs....but weight loss has slowed down to only a couple of lbs a month.  I have been horrible with my eating, and need to get back to the gym on a more regular basis.....

To everyone out there who had surgery Sept of 08...happy anniversary, and congrats on your success!!!

SW:  258     CW: 167     GW:  138      91lbs down, 29 lbs to go

on 9/12/09 1:41 am
You've lost more than me!    The last time I had the courage to get on the scale I weighed in at 206....So keep up the good work!


Highest Weight = 206 lbs.
Surgery Weight = 185.6 lbs.
Current Weight = 122 lbs.
Goal Weight = 130 lbs. (5'1")
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