surgery sept 20th humber river regional toronto


on 9/7/10 3:52 am - sarnia, ON
i have my date of sept 20th at humber river  regional hospital toronto doctor starr
just waiting for the time
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on 9/15/10 12:20 am - Ontario, Canada
Congratulations Robin.....You will do great!!!!!  Look forward to your post-op posts....
Did they tell you how long your stay in hospital would be?  I am having my surgery in November and was told that i'd probably be staying for 3 nights.

Jill R.

on 9/15/10 2:46 am - sarnia, ON
thanks jill they told me monday surgery go to the motel wed or thurs and have to stay in town a week but i am hoping less as its to much money for a room thanks again robin
on 9/16/10 12:39 am - Belcourt, ND
Congratulations! My surgery is the same day. Surgery Monday & stay until Thursday but they told me if I feel like I should stay a day or two more that I can. I'm getting so nervous.

Anyway, good luck! =)
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on 9/16/10 1:39 am - sarnia, ON
all my best i will be thinking about  you that day lots of prayers headed your way and lots of hugs robin
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