sept 30th

on 9/21/10 4:36 pm - Stockton, CA
Well I am having surgery on sept 30th and am trying to keep calm and stay on this strict diet.  I have to admit I am kinda freaking out.  I am excited and know I am going to get a 2nd chance at life..I am turning it over..I pray everything works out...I never want to be in this fat prison againNicole
(deactivated member)
on 9/21/10 10:06 pm
I know how you feel. My surgery is on the 30th as well i am very glad that we get another chance to take our lives back. Good luck to you and i will pray for you, please pray for me.

Maryanne L.
on 9/22/10 3:21 am - Stockton, CA
That's wonderful news Nicole!  Congrats on getting your surgery date!  I'm sure things will go just fine.  Ill pray for an uneventful surgery and a speedy recovery for ya.  Save some room for me on the loosers bench, Im right behind you.
on 9/23/10 3:45 pm - Stockton, CA
Thank u for ur supportU will be getting ur date soon..
I am glad ur getting ur surgery on the same date..we'll b surgery buddies
Aileen R.
on 9/28/10 3:13 am
Revision on 03/08/12
Hi I'm also having surgery that same day and i'm also very anxious and nervous I guess thats normal is not everyday that we get surgery but I wish u all the best and God bless...and to everyone else thats having surgery that day blessings and good luck
on 9/28/10 2:38 pm - Stockton, CA
Im praying for us all
Aileen R.
on 9/28/10 11:40 pm
Revision on 03/08/12
Amen me too
on 1/3/11 11:21 am
 Mine was Sept. 30 too.  I'm down 50 lbs. as of January 1st. Don't know how others are doing and I try not to compare.  I figure if the scale is going down, I'm going in the right direction!
on 1/4/11 11:16 am - Stockton, CA
Thats excellent weight loss! good for u..i hear ya if im losing anything that is a plus..sometimes i get nervous that im not losing quick enough cuz i dont wanna mess up this oportunity..keep it up Janet


on 1/4/11 11:53 am
 thanks Nicole
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