Surgery is September 27th (THIS MONDAY)

on 9/23/10 1:26 pm
I am freaking out, this time for the first time I am getting really really nervous.  I need a surgery angel to keep me on track post surgery.  I have one at my work and my husband is my home, however I do not have someone that has been through surgery to support me.  I am really praying that I do well for my three children and can come home functional and healthy.  I am hoping surgery is the key that I need to be able to have a healthy, loving remainder of my life.

on 9/25/10 5:55 am
I wish you good luck. I am also starting with the nerves. I know of a woman who had the sleeve procedure on Wed 9/22 and she was home Friday morning and already off all pain meds. This should give you some encouragement. I know it did for me. I am to be banded 9/28.
Mona V.
on 9/26/10 10:56 am - Lexington, KY
 Best of luck to you...I'm going in tomorrow. The nerves where better today. I'm just glad it will be over soon...Keep in touch. 
on 10/3/10 1:36 pm - West Chester, PA
 how did everyones surgeries go? how is everyone feeling?

my surgery went well, felt great the first day. had some problems with my veins/iv the second, was released the third. i'm feeling mostly okay. in the morning i feel good, but by the end of the day i'm exhausted and achy. hopefully a few more days and i'll be fine. i'm having no trouble getting in all my fluids, but am having a hard time getting in 60g of protein, i got 48 today so i'm thinking that's a good start. i just can't seem to stomach a 3rd shake.

                                                                       <3 jen <3


                                    <3 starting weight: 252 <3 goal weight: 135 <3 current weight: 151 <3

                                      RNY: 9/27/10 <3 Extended Tummy Tuck w/hip & thigh lipo: 6/6/13

on 10/13/10 12:22 pm
How are you feeling? I had surgery same day as you!!!
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