September 28th 2010 surgery.... how is everyone doing with their weight loss?

on 11/11/10 9:41 pm - OH
 I have had many ups and downs however I am 39 pounds down and am feeling pretty good Was wondering where everyone else is?? I have like 106 more to lose but like i said only 5 or 6 weeks out so not to shabby!!! 

on 12/6/10 10:43 am - Holyrood, Canada
VSG on 09/14/10 with
Hi There ,I had my gastric sleeve on sept 14 2010 in dallas and the day I began my diet to prepare for surgery my weight was 227lbs now I am 195 lbs ,I don't think I am doing will at all 
 what do you think,is this good or bad????? karen
on 1/17/11 3:59 am - Houston, TX
I had VSG on Sept. 23rd in Mexico. I was 425 on surgery day, I am now 344. I have just gotten my energy back for about a month though. I was told taht the more you have to lose the faster it goes initially, but it has taken me 1month to lose the last ten pounds. Hoping to pick up walking to accelerate weight loss.
on 1/21/11 12:07 am
Hello, I too had sugery on the 28th in Victoria Texas. I have lost 63lbs so far !!! excited, but worried because i have started to loose hair and feel tired. Just about 1wk ago or so started to hold solids down ( chicken,meats) I have been eating beans,cheese and other soft foods. I find myself "hungry" and not sure if this is normal. Please let me know if you have
on 1/21/11 12:53 pm - Owings Mills, MD
VSG on 09/27/10 with
Hello I had surgery on the  27th and I'm down 56lbs I want to lose another 55 then I will just be content yay to us for doing so well
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on 1/26/11 10:33 pm
Hi - I had my surgery on the 25th and I am down 70 pounds. I feel like I am losing slow but that is ok as long as the scale is going down! I have been the same for so many years that I am happy it it moving in the right direction. February 1 I am going to regroup and refocus on proper eating again as I have kind of strayed. I am going to make a menu and a grocery list and stick to it everyday!
bunny B.
on 2/8/11 2:31 pm - Norwich, CT

congrates everyone !!! Ihad bypass in Hartford Ct. on Sept 30, I was 284 before pre surg diet, 270 when going in and I am at 206 now ! the loss was real fast at first now averaging 15lb a month!.. as I have read some of you I too fell off and ate some things just shouldnt have high calorie etc... big prob is I found I can drink  my wine.. damn I was hoping to get rid of it... what I've been doing is when I feel oppps I do a day of just the shakes lots lots of water and a real tiny seems to get me back onMIND track and I remember to start mesuring.. Ive been using a food tracker that syncs my phone and the web sight to watch what I eat. when I do that I find I am in better controland not *grazing* my bf is going through all his pre surg medical checks. and Ive already decided when he has his pre surg diet I am going to do it with him! 

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