Where's the Sept people??

on 2/25/11 10:27 am
Anybody still check here?  My surgery was Sept 22 so I'm a few days past my 4 month mark.  I'm at 100 pounds lost today :>)  How's your progress going??
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Cecelia B.
on 3/1/11 9:12 am - St Louis, MO
Surgery was 09/03....working towards 6 months  (in 2 days)  I am still here, just never checked in on this forum....Anyone else here from September 2010?  Progress going well, except I am back on sugar after Christmas.  Could not get off it after Christmas, so still struggling with that issue  SUGAR ADDICTION!!!!!

Starting wt. March/ 2010  385lbs
Surgery wt.  Sept/2010     322lbs
Current wt.  Sept/2013     204lbs


on 3/1/11 9:28 am
Me too!!  Do you dump at all?  I haven't but I don't want to find out what it takes to do it.  I've decided that I'll give up sugar for Lent.  Maybe that'll get me off it and it'll become a habit.
HW 401/SDW 385/CW 247
on 3/1/11 11:14 am - Raleigh, NC
I am afraid to try sugar as I was a major suger-hol-ic pre-op.  Can you believe it has been 6 mths already??
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on 3/1/11 11:13 am - Raleigh, NC
I am still around.

I had surgery on Sept 7 so I am 1 week shy of the 6 mth mark. I have lost 135 lbs since I started this journey and 100 lbs since surgery.  I still don't know if I dump as I have stayed away from sugar (I was a suger-hol-ic pre-op) and greasy foods.

I  my RNY!!
Top is my progress, Bottom is to Surgeon's Goal
on 3/1/11 12:32 pm
I know!  I'm amazed at how quickly the time is flying by.  You're doing great!  I'm getting off all sugar - I don't eat much, but any is too much.  And I'm trying to really minimize the carbs too.  The only thing that has bothered me at all is fried food.  I tried an old favorite - fried pickles - and it was not pretty.  It really makes you not want to do that again ;>)
HW 401/SDW 385/CW 247
on 3/7/11 10:46 pm
VSG on 09/01/10 with
Wow, looks like we had s great group and have set some new records for 6 month weight loss, congratulations to all!
Best Regards,
on 4/11/11 1:42 am
I am post op Sept, 2010.  I have lost 115 pounds.  I am, and have been at a stand still foe several months now.  I decided last week I need to start hitting the gym hard, so I doing that, in hopes of getting things moving again.  Is this anyone else's experience?  What did you do to get things going again?  Should I be worried? Concerned?  Best wishes, I am not giving up! :)
on 4/11/11 10:45 am
Had you been exercising before your stall?  Knock on wood, I haven't had a long term stall and I'm a little over 6 months out - sept. 22 surgery - I've lost 116 pounds total.  I'm pretty steady at 2 pounds a week.  I'm not exercising like I should so I'll be starting that as soon as a couple of charity events happen and I have some free time.  Are you tracking your protein and water intake?  I know that a lot of people up their protein when they stall and that'll help.  good luck and let us know how it's going!!
HW 401/SDW 385/CW 247
cindy M.
on 5/18/11 11:26 am - Midland, NC
i feel like i'm not doing as well as i should be just shy of 8 months post op 

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