on 9/11/11 2:14 am - Owings Mills, MD
VSG on 09/27/10 with
Hello Sept Surgies it's been a year for us how is everyone doing...I'm pretty much met my goal at 9 months now I'm just being greedy I've lost 105 lbs and I like to find new ways to exercise I still can't eat some carbs but I don't regret my sleeve people response to my lost is kinda off to me some people act like I was plan ugly before umm I was never that...LOL Anyway I am just rambling on hope everyone in all is pleased to exactic with there results
Megan G.
on 9/11/11 3:29 pm - Denver, CO
 thats amazing i wish i hit my goal i got the lap band i am getting closer though. but everyday i wake up so much happier . if some one told me a year ago i wouls have been down 90 pounds i would look at them like they were crazy 
on 9/11/11 8:09 pm, edited 9/11/11 8:11 pm
I will be a year out in a few days.  I still have about 11 more lbs to make it to goal.  I am hoping to lose 1 more lb in the next few days to have a 70 lb weight loss for the year.  I really thought I would make my goal, but the slow start really impeded my weight loss.  I have not really lost anything this past month with bumping up exercise, so the last 11 lbs may be a struggle.  If I don't lose another pound, I am happy where I am.  I am hoping to lose that last little bit for bounce back wiggle room.

I am thankful that all the issues that plauged me in the beginning have almost resolved- , reflux gone, no more taste aversions, I can normally drink plain water now, lactose intolerance for the most part has resolved, and I can now tolerate dense protein.


on 9/16/11 9:04 am - West Chester, PA
 i'm at 96 pounds down (as of today) it's jumped a little. i really want to lose the next 4 by when i go for my year appointment next friday, but i'm using a different scale since i moved so i'm curious to see what the one at my parents' house says (its usually lower so i may have actually hit 100). no complications and feel awesome. i still have another 20-30 i want to lose so hopefully i can get that much more off in the next 6 months to year

                                                                       <3 jen <3


                                    <3 starting weight: 252 <3 goal weight: 135 <3 current weight: 151 <3

                                      RNY: 9/27/10 <3 Extended Tummy Tuck w/hip & thigh lipo: 6/6/13

on 9/16/11 10:28 am
RNY on 09/15/10 with
I've been very happy with my progress over the last. I've lost slowly, but have kept up my losing ways. Yesterday, my one year surgiversary, I officially crossed from obese to overweight! I'm hoping it all keeps coming off!

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