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on 12/6/13 6:59 am - Portland, OR
Topic: RE: Does anyone have PEBB Insurance?? Was urs approved?

I also have Kaiser Pebb and have many questions. I would love to chat with you if you still come to this board.



on 10/17/12 5:24 am - West Chester, PA
Topic: RE: 2 year surgaversy
 great job! i didn't hit my goal either. i bottomed out at 148 (i'm 5'0" so that was just making the "overweight" category), and settled back around 155-160. i would still like to lose another 20-30, but i'm maintaining easily here, but even playing around with calories and working out 5+ times a week i maintained, so i think this is just where my body wants to be.

                                                                       <3 jen <3


                                    <3 starting weight: 252 <3 goal weight: 135 <3 current weight: 151 <3

                                      RNY: 9/27/10 <3 Extended Tummy Tuck w/hip & thigh lipo: 6/6/13

on 9/27/12 8:36 pm - Owings Mills, MD
VSG on 09/27/10 with
 Hello all it's our month again I hope all is well in your journey's mine has gotten alittle off track gained 10 lbs I have lost 5 lbs so I am getting back on track I still have a bad sweet tooth beside that I am still happy with my results I got to 185 I am a size 8 so I am living the dream lol anyway I look forward to reading everyone else's stories
Cecelia B.
on 9/8/12 2:43 pm - St Louis, MO
Topic: RE: 2 year surgaversy
 Thanks for the heartfelt sentiments.  I wish you the best in your journey.

Starting wt. March/ 2010  385lbs
Surgery wt.  Sept/2010     322lbs
Current wt.  Sept/2013     204lbs


on 9/7/12 6:57 pm - Raleigh, NC
Topic: RE: 2 year surgaversy
 Happy Anniversay!!   Today was 2 years for me.  I have lost a little since my 1 year Anniversay. Like you, I am enjoying my 205 lbs over my initial weight of 389.  Life is so much better.  Even though I am not at my goal and would LOVE to lose another 30 lbs, I am about to start my plastics (surgery in Nov 7th) . I am starting with my arms and chest (my arms flaps are huge and really bother me). 

Good luck on your knee replacement surgery.  It will definately help. 
Top is my progress, Bottom is to Surgeon's Goal
Cecelia B.
on 9/4/12 9:20 am - St Louis, MO
Topic: 2 year surgaversy
Yesterday was my 2 year anniversary and I must say...I let it pass without notice.  I actually thought it was tomorrow.  I have not lost ANY additional weight since my one year, but I have maintained the 178 lbs I had lost in that first year.  I still have arthritis in my knees and am awaiting knee replacement surgery so I can exercise more and better.  I do, however, love my life at 200 lbs so much more than my life at 385+ lbs.  I am so much better in so many ways, bloodwork last week says all is well internally.  My diabetes is gone, my sleep apnea is gone, my HBP is gone, my meds are gone.  I only take pain pills and a water pill. I do still have lymphedema in my right leg.

I am gaining more energy and looking for work now. I have lots of friends, new activities and interesting things to do.  I would still like to get another 20-30 lbs off, but I can live with this until things turn around ( I want a tummy reduction and knee surgery but no money right now for those things.)  My md did tell me my LDL was "borderline" and to cut back on cheese, which I substitued for meats alot.  I can eat anything, but solid meat (beef, pork or chiken does not go down easliy and sits heavy in my tummy.  I do not like that feeling much.)  Anyway life is good.

I still am so much happier, and my experience, though it may not have included the pound number I was striving for yet, is wonderful.  I had ups and downs, but I have not regretted the decision to improve my health, improve my life and improve my spiritual journey with more honesty then ever before.  It can be an emotional ride, a frustrating ride, and a tedious ride, but so was morbid obesity.  And the morbid obesity disease was depressing, lonely, sad and isolating.  The journey is so much more than the number on a scale, it is a journey to happiness,and self acceptance.  I am blessed to be able to have this journey.  thanks to all who helped along the way so far.  

Starting wt. March/ 2010  385lbs
Surgery wt.  Sept/2010     322lbs
Current wt.  Sept/2013     204lbs


on 1/11/12 4:25 am
Topic: How is everybody doing?
I am doing well.  I am in maintenance mode now.  Working out (running/weights) regulary.  It is amazing how similar I am now as a person prior to the surgery except for a stronger level of confidence.  Now what I do in my life is so different.  The stuff I eat, the stuff I drink, the exercise.  Completely different.  I look at the bow tie donuts I use to eat regulary and laugh to myself knowing I will never go back to them.

on 1/11/12 1:59 am
Topic: RE: September 20th!
I had mine the same day.  How are you all doing now?
Valarie R.
on 1/4/12 1:41 pm, edited 1/4/12 1:53 pm
Topic: Goals met
 I thought I would start the new year by celebrating how far I have come - and to celebrate, I'd like to share with people who know *exactly* where I've been :)

Pics are password protected - pw: ohfriends

So, my before and afters:

Me in my size 5 judo gi a few months pre-op....

....and, me in a size 2 gi, finally working out again, right at the one year mark!

Me a week pre-op, my last big BBQ dinner, in size 22w jeans...

...and, me last week out with friends, in a size 6 dress from Express! 2833868_46709931_37123267_304345405_n-1.jpg

I've gone from hiding behind things in photos, cropping out my entire body... 714523_3178.jpg

... to being comfortable in my own skin, loving pictures of me, and feeling wonderful :) 52993878_1400756507_31891807_1606142524_ob-1.jpg

I hope you're all enjoying sucess in your journey as well - and falling in love with yourselves :)


Mom to Sy, partner to Pork, Psych grad student, Judoka, Living the DREAM!!!
M. Nguyen
on 12/23/11 2:19 am - TX
Topic: RE: Happy Surgerversary
You are doing great! Congrats!


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