SEPT 26 2011

on 8/24/11 11:57 am
 the day that will hopeffully help ensure i will one day be alive to meet my grandchildren and take my kids to the beach while wearing a bathingsuit not capris and a tshirt.  anybody have packing pointers for hosp bag and in home must haves for post op besides the protein shakes and such?

on 8/25/11 6:00 am - Manitoba, Canada
Congratulations and good luck on your surgery. My surgery date is Sept 6th. I am looking forward to having the energy to do things again with my kids. They are teens now and I feel like I have missed some very important years just coasting through life.

Members of OH have posted awesome hospital lists of items they found very useful during their stay. I've compiled a few things I have found.

- Chaptick 
- small personal fan
- ear plugs or headphones to block out noise
- cell phone/mp3 - charger
- camera
- pillow (very useful for ride home also to hold against your stomach)
- a front closure bra
- slippers/slip on shoes
- wear baggy clothes to the hospital and wear the same ones home
- elastic for hair
- pads


What should I bring with me to the hospital 
Basic toiletries (comb, toothbrush, etc.) and clothing may be provided by the hospital, but most people prefer to bring their own. Choose clothes for your stay that are easy to put on and take off. Because of your incision, your clothes may become stained by blood or other body fluids. Other ideas:

  • reading and writing materials
  • crossword and other puzzles
  • personal toiletries
  • bathrobe



surgeon's goal-170

my goal-135










on 8/27/11 1:37 am
thanks so much and i did just start my hospital bag.  i need to be totally prepared for this to work for me.  its a bit OCD i know but that is so me!  Thanks again

on 8/27/11 9:51 am
I am also having my surgery on Sept 26. I am excited  and nervous all at the same time. I am thinking what it will be like to have a jawline, and not be tired all the time.  So many thoughts run through my head. I have always dreaded having pics taken but I think now I would like to have a few and then continue through my surgery and beyond. So I guess a camera is going to be going in my bag.

on 8/28/11 2:14 am - VA
Congratulations to everyone who finally has their date and the courage to take a bold step to regain your life health! Trust God and have faith. I am praying that everything will be well.
(deactivated member)
on 9/1/11 12:27 am - RI

CONGRATULATIONS on getting a date!

See you on the loser's bench REALLY soon!
on 9/1/11 1:34 pm - Cincinnati, OH
I'll be joining you ladies on the 26th as well, bright and early surgery at 7:30am!


on 9/2/11 2:34 pm
 thanks for all the support guys! I am getting excited and rady to roll. My kids dont understand fully yet so when I go away for several nights to the hospital I am expecting the tears but soon they will have a better mommy!
on 9/15/11 2:48 am - VERO BEACH, FL
I am also starting my new life on 9/26 at the Cleveland Clinic in Fl. Good luck to you and I will follow your posts!

on 9/7/11 11:40 am
i'm on the 26th too :)
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