6More Days -9/13/11

on 9/7/11 9:48 am
Iwill believe it when i wake up from surgery .....9/13/11
Celia S.
on 9/7/11 3:57 pm - Grand Junction, CO
I can't believe it's so close for us! Everyone keeps asking if I'm scared or nervous... I think it'll kick in the night before. LOL

on 9/8/11 3:22 am
are ya'll as sick of the liquid diet as I am...thank goodness I only have 3 more days...I was fine til yesterday but it's getting harder & harder to get those protein shakes down!
Kelly L  
5'ft 1in   RNY 9/12/11
301 HW / 287.7 SW / 216 CW / 150 GW

Celia S.
on 9/8/11 4:03 am - Grand Junction, CO
Thankfully, Kelly, my surgeon doesn't have his patients do an all liquid diet. I'm on a super low calorie diet, but I'm still allowed to eat at lunch and dinner. Just really small portions! :)

But yes... I'm tired of it too! 4 more days for me!!!

on 9/8/11 5:57 am

I have this funny feeling that my period is coming on because i want a chesseburger so bad, i only eat red meat during that time of the month. Since i have been heavier i do not get my period every month... It would really suck if my period comes on during surgery.. Uggh

Celia S.
on 9/8/11 11:21 am - Grand Junction, CO
Good news for me is I just got off of mine yesterday... Bad news for me is since I've started losing weight, I've been getting mine every 2 weeks, so I'll be on it right after surgery... yuck.
on 9/9/11 3:29 am

I feel the same way.  It was a long effort just to reach this point.  I also have this feeling like I may be on the verge of getting sick but I'm not really sick yet feeling.  Just hoping none of the kids has brought home a bug to me at the last second.

on 9/9/11 3:34 am
I hope i never get mine every 2 weeks, i might choke someone.... its been nice not having one or should i say having it every 45-60 days
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