September 28th

on 9/10/11 1:02 am - Kingston, GA
I cannot believe that I am saying this.  September 28th is my day.  I'm SOOOOOO Exicited  .  Sept. 13th I start my preop diet and the 20th is my registration.  Thank You God.
on 9/10/11 11:51 am
Congrats on having a DATE! You start Pre-op when i go in....Prayers going  and blessings are coming down.  
on 9/12/11 7:10 am - Kingston, GA
Awesome! See you on the losing side of the spectrum :)
on 9/23/11 1:51 am - LA
 I am saying it along with you, September 28th is my day.... I started my pre op diet today. I've been somewhat dieting since I started this journey Aug. 4th. But today ALL Liquids. I guess its something I have to get use to.  I'm having the RNY. God protect my friends that are going through this with me wrap your healing arms around them. Let them know you are with them during this time and always.
Giving God all the Glory
on 10/1/11 8:48 am - Kingston, GA
Oh thank you so much.  I am sure you're home too now.  I pray for full recovery and LIFE. 
on 10/1/11 8:55 am - LA
 yes I'm home. How are you doing? How did everything go?
Giving God all the Glory
Denean R.
on 9/24/11 2:10 pm - CA
Congratssss!!!!!! I will be with you the next day!
on 10/1/11 8:49 am - Kingston, GA
Are you home yet?  How are you feeling?
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