Sleeved in 9.2011 -Band Revision-BIG Smile

on 10/9/11 3:32 am - baytown, TX

Hello Everyone!

new to the forum, love reading the posts.  Happily sleeved as of 9/22. Looking forward to the best journey yet!


on 11/14/11 3:50 am - Creston, IA

Hi there!  Just wondering how you are getting along now being further out from surgery?  I am a former band patient going to sleeve.  Just got all my paperwork, etc. done and waiting for doctor to submit for insurance.  I had great success with my band in 2008, lost about 90 lbs, but then about 11 months later, I got sick for some unknown reason, touch of flu or something, and started vomiting.  My band slipped very badly and had to be removed immediately because it was starting to strangle my stomach.  I tried to keep the weight off, but here I am....with almost all of it back on and frustrated!  I am so looking forward to the sleeve!  I would love to hear how you have gotten along and hope all is going good for you!!

on 7/3/12 4:59 pm - baytown, TX
The sleeve was the best thing I could have done. I was 310. and now I am hovering btween 245 and 250. it has been almost 9 month.  I am doing well. the only thing is that I have to have my gall bladder removed.  unexpected but it is verypainful when it flares up.

How are you? did you have your sleeve?
on 7/5/12 12:02 am - Creston, IA

Hi.  I am doing great!   I had the sleeve surgery on 3/14/12 and have lost 62 lbs since!  I am so glad I went with the sleeve surgery!  I am sorry to hear you have to have your gall bladder out....fortunately I had to have mine taken out back in 2005 so that hasn't been an issue with me.  I just can't believe how "not hungry" I am with now after having the sleeve surgery!  What an awesome feeling for me anyway!  I am also very surprised at the small amount of food that I can eat!  It is amazing!  I have about another 65 lbs to lose to get to my goal!  Good luck and hope you get along good with your gall bladder surgery!!!  Look forward to hearing from you!!

on 1/29/13 3:06 am - baytown, TX

70 lbs down and stuck... working on the next 30 lbs.  it is hard getting back to basics. but I am determine to complete my goal. Starting support again after a year, and hoping to get back on track for good.! Hope everyone is groovy! 


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