Had surgery on sept 21

nicole T.
on 11/14/11 4:34 am
I wanna know how,much everyone has lost thus far and how much are u able to eat, and Wht do u eat.....I just wanna make sure I'm doing everything right....breakfast I ate an egg with cheese, snack about 8 almonds and string cheese, lunch 4 mini bagels crisps(size of ritz crackers) w/ pepperoni and cheese on it, dinner- broiled shrimp (about 8)....pls give me some feed back
on 12/6/11 2:27 am - NY
DS on 09/26/11 with
Hi, I had surgery on 9/26 and I have lost 46lbs so far.  Here is what I eat on a daily basis:

7am - protein shake
9am - coffee with protein
10am - egg, cheese and sausage patty (only able to eat 1/2)
1pm - salad with chicken or chili or tuna w/lettuce
4pm - cashews or protein shake
7pm - grilled chicken or salmon with veggies
if I have room for a snack I will have SF Icepop or grapes

Also I am drinking water throughout the day 64 to 72oz.

Just make sure that you are getting in at least 60 - 90 grams of protein per day and drinking plenty water.  So far you are doing good, but I would eliminate some of carbs (mini bagel crisps) since you are early post-op you want to maximize your loss.

on 1/22/12 1:00 pm
  Hi I just read your post. I had surgery sept. 19  and have lost about 70 lbs. I do have a tough time eating some things. Have gotten food stuck a couple of time. I hate that. But overall I am thrilled . How much have you lost. Are you getting all your protein and water in? 
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