Any other September stallers?

on 2/6/12 10:57 pm - Cincinnati, OH
I've seen 2 other people on here who had surgery the same time I did and are also stalled.  The scale has been bouncing back and forth between 299 & 300 since January 18th.  I'm starting to have a hard time coping with it.  Anyone else?

Gina :~)
on 2/7/12 10:28 am - MI
Not a stall, but the weekly weight loss has significantly slowed down over the past month.  The thing that works best for me is to hide the scale for a week.  I would constantly weigh myself (at least two times a day) and it was affecting my day / eating habits.  Stick to your plan, and then hop on the scale at the end of the week.

Hope this helps!

on 2/7/12 9:41 pm, edited 2/7/12 9:42 pm - Cincinnati, OH
I'm a weekly (on Monday) weigher, but damn if this stall doesn't make me want to get on the scale everytime I eat, drink, poo or pee!  No matter what's always at 299 or 300!  What a mind f*ck it is!  I just stay out of our home office, since that's where the scale is and if I see it, I'm on different things are...6 months ago I would beg the doctor not to make me get on the scale, now it's all I want to do!  I just went through my last 4 weeks in my food and exercise journal (I use FatSecret, on my phone and on the computer), and I've got a 2000+ calorie deficit every single day (calories in vs calories burned), so mathematically that should be oodles of weight lost.  I think 300 is just a sticking point...when I was gaining all this weight, I stayed 295-305 for a long time, so I guess it'll hang out there for a while going down, too.  When I'm swimming, I usually think about how every lap is a little more of me gone, but this week it's been every lap is a flipping waste of my damn time, and I hate thinking like that...but I'm still exercising so no worries.  I just have to get out of this negative thinking process.

Gina :~)
on 2/9/12 6:48 am
Big time stall here! It's been a month since I've lost any weight and it is driving me crazy to say the least! The one good thing is I've lost 5 inches since my stall started...not sure how but I did. But for some reason, the no weight loss thing is still getting to me.
on 2/9/12 8:14 am - Cincinnati, OH
Ugh!  Doesn't it just suck?  

And, although I'd LOVE to see a huge scale drop on Monday, now the PMS has started, so bring on the damn bloating.  Sigh.  Guess it'll be another 2 weeks.  Maybe the scale will move then.  

Gina :~) 
on 2/9/12 8:47 am
Yeah, it really stinks. Makes me feel like I need to start a new diet, but I didn't have this surgery so I could "diet"! Ugh. Patience is a virtue. LOL
on 2/22/12 1:06 am
I am so sick of being stuck at 68-69 lbs. I had surgery September 6, and I'm exercising and trying to get all my protein in but I'm just not moving and I still have a good 80 to go. I just feel like I'm not going to lose any more. Please someone give me some help!!!!!
Pittsburgh, PA 
on 2/29/12 2:56 am - Cincinnati, OH
How and what are you eating?  Do you track your food?

What kind of exercise are you doing?

I have a very regimented eating plan, and it is higher calories than I ever thought I would eat again...1400 on workout days, 1200 on non-workout days.  I average 4.6 lbs a week lost, and that's including this most recent stall, which finally broke last week, and the normal 3 weeks out stall that lasted 2 weeks.  Really, I lose 5-7 lbs a week.  When I don't right and on schedule, and if I don't track my food, it becomes easier to stray.

Gina :~)
on 2/29/12 5:17 am
Thank you so much for writing me back! I don't keep a tracker of what I eat, and maybe I should start. I usually have that Kashi high protein cereal or eggs for breakfast. For lunch I have grilled chicken or a cup of soup, and dinner either chicken, fish or turkey burger (no bun). As far as exercise I try to walk at least 3 times a week. I think I need to go more or at a faster pace. Any kind of diet recommendations and workout regimens you could give me will be greatly appreciated.
Pittsburgh, PA 
on 2/29/12 9:25 am, edited 2/28/12 9:25 pm - Cincinnati, OH
Do you have any snacks? Protein shakes? I think the problem is not eating enough or not eating often enough, and if you're physically able to, get some exercise in every day.

This is what I do, and I'm losing at a good rate.

M-F (workout days)
8AM Protein Shake
9AM Yogurt & Vitamins, small serving of Fruit
12PM Protein Bar & Calcium
1PM Lunch: 2-4oz lean protein (usually pork), 2oz cheese
3PM Protein Shake
5PM Dinner: 2-4oz lean protein, 2oz steamed veggies, 1oz cheese & Calcium
7PM Cheese stick (sometimes)
9PM SF jello or pudding & Vitamins

I aim for 110+ grams of protein, and under 1500 calories on these days. I work at balancing my food to get at least 40% of my calories from protein, no more than 30% from fat and no more than 30% from carbs. I use FatSecret on my phone (Android) and the website, It breaks everything down for me and has a barcode scanner so I can just scan things instead of looking them up. I can also add and save my own recipes on it.

S-S I don't do formal workouts, more like dog park, water park with my stepdaugther, walking around big box stores, etc. It usually looks like this:
9AM Protein Shake, Yogurt & Vitamins
12PM Lunch: 2oz lean protein (usually pork), 2oz cheese, Calcium
3PM Cheese stick w/piece of deli meat around it
5PM Dinner: 2-4oz lean protein, 2oz steamed veggies, 1oz cheese & Calcium
8PM SF jello or pudding & Vitamins

I aim for 80+ grams of protein, and less than 1200 calories on the weekends.

M-F I weight lift for 15 minutes minimum, and swim laps for 45 minutes minimum.

It's really finding a rhythm and method that works for you, and being 100% consistent with it at the beginning. I pack my food every day in a cooler that just goes everywhere with me. Now that I'm further out and know more about what things have in them nutrition wise, I can eat out here & there or have a treat like popcorn or some low sugar ice cream once a week or so, and I just balance it out elsewhere in the day with an extra walk or something. I also keep high protein snacks in the house, like meat and cheese and Greek yogurt. They're my go-to foods for head-hungry days. I have yet to have a physical hunger day.

My metabolism has really kicked into gear since I started eating like this. The carbs (fruit & protein bar) are scheduled directly before & after my workouts, which helps a lot I think.

Gina :~)
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