6 months update

nicole T.
on 3/23/12 10:59 am
Since we all reached our 6 month points..just wanted everyone to share their experience, weight loss and other progress made....I have lost 73 lb down from 309 to 236 I'm so excited to lose more
on 3/24/12 6:03 am - NY
 Hi Sonya...

   I have lost a total of 110 lbs, 93 of that since surgery. I am stuck in a stall, but I know it will pass - I have lost 11 inches in the last month, and not lost a single pound, lol... I have gone from a size 38 to a 24 in that six months!! 

   How are you progressing?
on 3/26/12 11:28 pm - VERO BEACH, FL
 I kind of had a stall, 1 pound in month of march but I have come out of it with a 3.5 lb weight last week. Keep up the good work and the scale will move.
on 3/26/12 7:43 am - Cincinnati, OH
Today marks 6 months for me, and I am down 107 lbs, from 380 lbs at surgery to 273 lbs today.  I just blogged all about it, and came up with an 26 item NSV list, one for every week since surgery.  It's on my blog, and in the RnY forum as well.

Good job, ladies!  Here's to the next 6 months!

Gina :~)

on 3/26/12 11:26 pm - VERO BEACH, FL
I have lost 123 ponds since surgery on 9/26/11. 
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