6 Months

on 3/13/13 8:01 pm - Las Vegas, NV
RNY on 09/19/12

People that had surgery in September 2012.

We have either just passed or are quickly approching the 6 month mark.

How is everyone feeling post surgery?




on 3/15/13 10:12 am
VSG on 09/17/12

Im feeling bloody fantastic!!  :)   Im down 140lbs with only 13lbs to go to get to my surgeons goal.  I think that will be one very tearful happy day!  Im thinking about resetting my goal down to 90kgs (198lbs...Im 6'1), but at the moment, my eye is on the first goal of getting to my doctors goal of 100kgs.  

The only food intolerance I have is tomato based sauces.  I think it's all the acid in the tomato.  Other than that, my diet includes everything except white bread.

Im down from a 26/28 to a 16 top, 18 bottom and shopping in "normal" stores for the first time in my adult life.  I haven't been this weight since my early teens.

WLS was the best $17000 I have ever spent! 

Suzy wink (Age: 41, Height: 6'1,  SW: 169.4kg/372lb.  CW: 80.5kg/177lb.  Total lost: 88.9kg/195lbs)





on 3/26/13 9:40 pm - Las Vegas, NV
RNY on 09/19/12

Congrats on doing so well Suzy!

After my surgery complications and extra surgery I am just happy to be breathing and walking.  I am down 78 pounds   22 from my realistic goal.




on 4/18/13 4:09 pm

I had surgery September 20th, and I have lost 75 lbs. 

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