We're coming in on 3 years...how are you doing?

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on 9/3/09 8:38 am, edited 9/3/09 8:40 am - Menomonee Falls, WI
How are you all doing?  It has been a horrible, horrible year.  I am struggling along.  I am eating veggies and protein since April.  I go to Weigh****chers meetings.  I want to get back under 170 lbs. by my surgiversary.   That is 10 lbs. in a month and I just don't know that it is possible.  I gained up to 235 last winter because I simply gave up the fight.  I didn't think it could get worse and surprise...it did!  I feel like all the "easy fat" is gone and the stubborn fat is left behind.  Any suggestions?  I swim every day.  I don't drink any calories.  Take care, Daisy
on 9/3/09 10:49 pm - Rock City, IL
WOW Daisy!  Are you saying that you have lost 55 pounds since April?  GREAT job!

I am glad to hear that you have gotten "back on track".  There is even a group here on OH called BOTT (Back on track together) that you could join to help.

I understand about the "stubborn fat"!  I stopped losing at 10 months out with 40 pounds to goal and no matter WHAT I do, it refuses to leave.  I now go up and down the same 3-5 pounds, which is good according to my surgeons.  They all say, "at least you are maintaining...." which may be true but it is still disappointing to still be "obese".

I try to look at the bright side and keep up the fight as much as I can.  I DO understand giving up on the fight as this is a life-long battle and sometimes, when there are no losing results, it seems easier to give up.

Come to OH for support.  This board has gone pretty dormant, but there is a "Graduates" board that is active and the "BOTT" group may also be helpful.  On the "Graduates" board, someone posts a daily accountability thread where you post what you eat each day to help stay on track.  Maybe this will help?

I wish you much luck and happiness.....keep the good things in mind.


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on 9/4/09 2:16 am - Menomonee Falls, WI
Actually Dawn got me to thinking bout the low carb diet and I posted on there for a long time.  I switched to fitday for a while and now have been doing OH health tracker and the wetos.  Sometimes I feel like I fit in better at the failed wls or the revision board.  I found the failed wls board is full of "lookers" with advice and the revision board has given up.  I keep bouncing around because I don't really "fit" anywhere.  I am a failiure that probably needs a revision but refuses to give up and can't have a revision...did that make sense?   Thanks for your support.  I also have 40 lbs to normal BMI.  I am with you about feeling like we went through a lot to be obese but really it CAN get worse...just keep plugging along.  Daisy
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