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E velyn
on 8/29/19 2:40 am
Topic: Anyone still check in?

We are coming up on our 13th surgiversary! How are all of you doing?

Judy G.
on 10/19/11 8:22 am - Galion, OH
Topic: RE: Five Years Already!!

Thanks Karen!!! Yeah it is amazing isn't it? All the things we can do once again!!!  WOW!!!


karen C.
on 10/18/11 5:00 pm - Kennewick, WA
Topic: RE: Five Years Already!!
Judy, Congratulations! I too continue to be amazed at WLS and the results many of us have obtained. It is truly a modern medical miracle that allows us to "live" again.

Karen C

Judy G.
on 10/17/11 11:55 pm - Galion, OH
Topic: Five Years Already!!

Wow time sure flies!!! Seems like only yesterday that I had WLS!!! I have lost abut half of me and doing things I never thought I would do again!!! I started out weighing 334 pounds and this morning I weighed in at 170 loss of 164 pounds!! Dam!!! LOL I am wearing a size 12 for the first time since the early '70's lol can you believe that?? I feel great and look good if I do say so myself!!!!

It's a Wild Ride!!!!!!!!!! WOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

Judy G.
on 10/17/11 11:49 pm - Galion, OH
Topic: RE: Happy 5 year Surgiversary!!

Hi Holly!!! CONGRATS!!! Looks like you are also doing well!!!


Judy G.
on 10/17/11 11:48 pm - Galion, OH
Topic: RE: 5 years out and now 168 lbs.

Hi Staci!! CONGRATS!!! Looks like you are doing great!!!


on 10/10/11 11:46 pm - Oil City, PA
Topic: Happy 5 year Surgiversary!!
It's been a long long time since I have visisted this board and I miss you all and hope you are all doing well.  I have gained about 40 pounds since my surgery, but I have maintained at my current weight for the last couple of years, so I am still proud of myself!!!  I just wanted to say Happy 5 year surgiversary to all of the October 2006ers out there!!!

Staci G.
on 10/7/11 9:19 am - Sandy, UT
Topic: 5 years out and now 168 lbs.
 Just got an email that I am five years since my surgery.  Wow.  Hard to believe 5 years ago I was 299 lbs.   I currently 168 lbs.   My lowest was 160 lbs.    Got as high as 185lbs, but with a little tweak to my diet (back to more protein) and less snacking, it was pretty easy to stablize back in the 160's.   I guess I  should be proud!   

This is the first time in my life I am actually wearing out my clothes!   WOW!
on 7/13/11 12:07 pm, edited 1/14/12 8:28 pm
Topic: RE: Anyone checking in?
Hi Ev
I am really so glad surgery worked for you. I noticed that nearly 30 people have viewed the post but did not tell how they are doing? I hope they are happy with their results from surgery. I wish more people leave their feedback (positive or negative). I also hope most of us are healthier than before surgery. I know I am.

Tri harder
E velyn
on 7/7/11 4:05 pm
Topic: RE: Anyone checking in?
I look in from time to time, but it seems that everyone has moved on.  I hope they are doing so well that they spend most of their time AWAY from the computer.

I am one of the lucky ones with WLS.  I got to goal, and  I've kept off most of the weight I lost.  It's been one of the best things I have ever done for myself.

And you?  How are you doing?

Best wishes.


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