How is everyone doing?

on 3/3/09 2:06 am
Hi all,

Seems a while since any of us have written.  Just wondering how you are all doing, and where you are on your journey? How much lost? Still losing or stopped?

My loss has slowed as last reported, but am still losing weight s-l-o-w-l-y. As long as I am still losing, and getting to my goal - that's ok with me! Only 18 pounds or so to go! I can't  believe it. I feel great, and all has been well. I have adjusted well to the changes in my body and attitude. I am lucky in that my skin is pretty well intact - the only place I am not thrilled with is my arms. Not hanging skin or anything - just not tight. I got some guns and I want them to show! The rest of me, it's ok. I don't feel or see the need for ps. I am very thankful for that. Looking forward to hearing from others.
Lori A.
on 3/24/09 7:05 am - Duluth, MN
Thought I'd drop in here and yeah, it's beena while!

I'm fairly well stalled and even went up a couple of pounds.  I'm NOT happy about that but earned them.  I need to get out of the mind set of eat whatever as long as it stays by me...

I've had a bit of problem keeping protein down... anything solid as a matter of fact.  So am back today in an attenpt to get myself back on track and get my protein in and everything that goes along with it.  any hints, tips etc are greatlly appreciated!

Lori  - bringing home *MY* form of sexy one day at a time!

Highest 315 ~ Pre-Surgery 297 ~ Current 159 ~ Goal 149
on 4/8/09 3:22 am - Reydon, OK
Mine is slowly still coming off as well. People ask me when I'll stop losing, and I say, "When my body's ready to."

Highest weight: 354
Date of consult-333
Day of surgery-303

Would dearly love plastic surgery but am more terrified of it than the WLS. I will not reach goal as it is a very unhealthy unrealistic weight for me (doc even agrees).  At my current weight, I am a size 8, so I'm not complaining.

Janet H.
on 5/10/09 9:19 pm - Golden Valley, AZ
Hi I too have been bad about checking in on here, I am doing good weight has slowed down too, , I don't have food problems and all my 18 month labs were good, I am now working again which is the best think for me, today I have lost 206 lbs, Had a tummy tuck in Jan,and that surgery was harder then the RNY as I had problems, but all is good now, I have 10 lbs to go to be "NORMAL" I am hoping to get there by Oct.
We all need to check in at lease once a month. good luck to you all,
Start, 375
lost     206
current 169

      Success begins with wise choices I make,I will not let noncompliance be my mistake, The surgery I had was to assist me in changes. My compliance is for a success long range, So I will think before I decide to cheat. Remember the goals I want to meet. For this surgery is not something I was force to do It was what I wanted for a healthy life!       



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