Pregnant with the Lap-Band?

on 7/6/06 4:49 am - Dallas, TX
Hi, I was wondering if there was anyone out there that is or have been pregnant with the lap-band I just found out I'm about 7 weeks, we are so excited ! I was just concerned about the port being in the way as the baby grows. I have an appointment with my wls doc I'm sure he will have all the info but I wanted to hear from someone that has gone through it. Thanks, Salina
on 7/11/06 1:03 pm - McDonough, GA
Honey... have you gone to the post op pregnancy forum? I am 21 weeks pregnant and I am there all the time. You will find all sorts of different situations and someone to buddy up with! Hope to see you post there!!! Jennifer EDD 11/18/06
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