At a standstill

on 9/17/06 8:26 am - Inkster, MI
I need help! Can anyone tell me how I can lose more weight. I've been the same weight for at least 6 months. Does anyone have any advice on how to get started again? :wave: Sherry 236/178
on 9/19/06 4:42 am - Islip Terrace, NY
Hi Sherry, All I know is that you can try to change things up a bit. Like if you always eat the same thing for breakfast, then maybe try something different. Your body get very comfortable and needs to be shocked sort to speak. Perhaps try eating less carbs. That always works for me. After almost 2 yrs post op it gets easy to fall back into old habits. If my scale goes up I just take out carbs for a week or so. I'm not trying to lose anymore. But I am not looking to gain it back either. It might just be your exercise program. Maybe try doing some different things with that as well. Good luc****ep us posted. God Bless... ~Angel 255/222/126 At Goal! Highest/day of Surg/Now
on 10/16/06 2:59 am - Honey Brook, PA
I agree. I play with 5lbs all the time. I started at 243 and my lowest weight is 136. I want to stay between 136 and 142. If I see the weight start to creep up again I up the protein, cut out the carbs and concentrate on drinking. It hasn't failed me yet. Those carbs are my downfall! Try not to exceed 11 carbs per meal (3 meals a day) and 3 no carb snacks and see if that doesn't kick start your weight loss again. Good luck!!!! Debbie 243/136
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