2 years - amazing

on 11/5/06 3:20 am - Mountains of, CA
on the 11th it'll be two years... interesting ride. I've held steady at 210 - which is just fine - for about 6 months now... I still do stupid things - and then am very uncomfortable & wonder why the heck... oh well old habits die hard. I still LOVE to eat & well I don't think that's ever going to go away. It's my addiciton & the best I can do is acknowledge, make friends with it & keep it in check. I do some weird things now. Like I go to Starbucks' in the am... buy a couple of pastries - eat a bite & throw the whole thing away - or maybe don't even eat a bite - I spend alot on food... I never eat... it's sick I suppose - but - well it's better than eating it all & putting weight on. I still have moments where I say I HAVE to have a piece of fried chicken knowing full well it is going to male me feel very very sick... oh well I suppose. The biggest issue is my teeth look terrible at the gum line. I think this might be a lack of some nutrient - time to see the dentist... never had this problem before - always had pretty good teeth care... Anyways. It's all good - just a little different than I probably expected. Hope all is well with you. - Please share your darkest secrets... goodness knows I shouldn't be the only one LOL!
on 12/7/06 12:02 pm - Valparaiso, IN
Ya, hard to believe, huh? Mine was 2 years on 11/18. I lost 117, down to 147. I've put on about 10 pounds in the last six months, though. I do some strange things, too. I got hooked on candy and gum. I was NEVER one to have candy and gum. I started on gum so that when I was craving something I could chew a piece of gum. I found that most of the time it wasn't that I was hungry, it was that I wanted to CHEW something. Then I got hooked on Cherry Nibs. I was buying several bags at a time. I think I'm finally done with them, but I like to have something little to chew on. It's frustrating. The food craving never seems to go away and I can't give up pop now. Ugh. It's so frustrating! I also like ice cream much more than I did before! I have certainly learned my limit on how much sugar I can handle, but I can definitely have sugar. Sometimes I wish I couldn't. That would probably be the only way I could refrain. I guess there is hope though. It can't be as hard to lose 10-20 pounds as it was looking at it 2 years ago!
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