I am Thankful for..

Moma V.
on 11/22/06 4:17 am - Frogtown, OH
RNY on 11/22/04 with
YOU ALL! and my family, even though half of them drive me and because I have God in my life.. and life is now for living again, not passing me by. I am Thankful that I am alive today. 2 years ago I had my Lap RNY then the staplegun misfired upon closing and nicked my spleen. I am Thankful that Dr. Curry saved my life, not once but twice that day. Dr. C, you are THE BEST! So many things have changed in the past 2 years, I not walk again instead of using a wheelchair.. I can run, I can , I only take up a small portion of 1 seat cushion now on the couch shower's are no longer an "event" that wear me out, or take an hour, now it's a short few minutes, but I stand there another, just thinking, I got all the parts, didn't miss any? and so quickly? WOW! I buy things because I like them, not because it's the only item that will fit me. I get looks and compliments from people, instead of those, OMG she's so huge looks. I feel great.. this is the best part, I got my health back. 2 year and 202 lbs. I love you all, have a safe and blessed Thanksgiving! Vickie
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