Happy 2 yr Suriverary November Sibs

Moma V.
on 11/22/06 4:19 am - Frogtown, OH
RNY on 11/22/04 with
Happy 2nd Suriverary November Sibs! 2 years and 202lbs gone! love & hugs, Vickie
on 11/27/06 4:39 pm - Redlands, CA
Congrats to you Vickie!!! Boy - gotta tell you... I was so busy and preoccupied the actual anniversary of my surgery slipped my mind ... Thanksgiving sure was different this year... the first since surgery that I have prepared myself.... my focus on food was different.... I loved all the cooking and the preparation... but really surprised myself when I couldn't finish what I put on my plate!!! and felt satisfied!!! that was indeed great! Even enjoyed that pie!!! Well... I am hovering at about -140 lbs since surgery and not having to work at it!!! That is great for me... and I don't have to obsess about food in that way... instead I am becoming a gourmet cook!!! (but boy, I gotta tell you guys, I have thrown away more food in the last two years as I have all the years of my life put together!!! and that's a lot of years!!!!) I am still struggling with bad fibroids, lupus and chronic anemic but all in all - I am still here above ground! which is a truly good and amazing thing! B
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