Just wanted to drop in and say hi.........

Jan M.
on 4/21/07 2:54 am - Notfarfrombham, AL
on the slim chance that anyone frequents this board. We seem to be a pretty quiet bunch, but it would be nice to hear how everyone is doing. I never got to my docs goal for me and I have even gained 8-10lbs in the last couple of months, not sure exactly why, other than stress and walking less. I hope to be able to prevent any future gains and to start losing again. The weight I have gained is not a huge amount, but I can really tell a difference in how I feel, and I do not want to go back to where I was 2 1/2 years ago. I think it gets easier the farther out we get to fall back into old habits, and as someone wrote last week, it is imperative to make life style changes to maintain. Life style changes are not easy to do but it is something we must do to maintain long term, thats what I think anyway, thats my story and I'm sticking to it! I hope everyone is doing so well that they just are too busy living a full life and thats why no one is posting. I hope that if anybody is struggling they know that this board is for support, not flaming. Be Blessed!!! Jan M.
Lisa Gotro
on 5/13/08 3:19 am - Fosters, AL
Hi Jan! It's so nice to see you posting. I dropped in on this board because I have gained back quite a bit. I am sick when I think about it & I know it is snacking that has hurt me the most. Any hoo, it was so good to see you! Lisa Gotro
Jan M.
on 5/13/08 5:22 am - Notfarfrombham, AL
Hey Lisa, I know the feeling, I have regained too and am sick about it , stress and going back to old habits of dealing with it are my weakness. We have to get a handle on it, I know we will. I was supposed to go to Dr. Dewitt tomorrow, but had to cancel. Have a good week! Jan
Patti N
on 12/13/08 10:11 am - AA county, MD
Hi Jan,
I'm Patti and I too am struggling with the weight thing, though I have gaine a bit more than 10 lbs....times it by 3.  I too suffer from depression and insomnia could it get any worse? 

Any way....I really don't have many friends,  one that I work with that has just had the surgery about 2 months ago, but because we are at different ends of the spectrum her being new at thsi and steadily loosing and me years out and struggling to get what I have gained off and keep it off....I don't want to bring a negative aspect to her new experience, so I refrain from talking about it much with her.  I would love to get intouch with people on here again that are going through similar issues.   So if you need a friend to listen and don't mind listening I would love to keep in touch with people in similar situations.  either on here or via email.  

Take care and have a great weekend


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