Want to hear something positive

on 5/9/07 2:04 pm - walden, NY
I would like to hear something positive from someone who is at least 3 years post-op. Who is eating right, exercising, and keeping that weight off?
on 5/21/07 4:18 am - Hartsville, SC
Hi! I will be three years post op in November. I have managed to keep off most of the weight I lost, I was originally about 260, I now keep my weight between 140 and 150. I am very comfortable with this weight, This time of year, I would like to lose about 10 more pounds, but realistically, I will never wear a bikini anyway! I found something on the internet that has really helped me, it is a pdf file called "Rules of the Pouch for Dummies" and it reinforces the right ways to eat. I love to go hiking ,and that is about all I do for exercise. Carol
on 11/22/07 11:15 am - Austin, TX
Hi. I had my surgery on 11/10/04. So I've lost 135 pounds and have kept it off. I fluctuate between 150 and 155. If I go over the 5 pound difference I don't panic but I go back to the basics and get back where I need to be. I'm thrilled with my weight loss and don't have to really work very hard at it. I hope you have great success and happiness! xoxo alice
on 12/9/08 2:19 am - Honey Brook, PA
Hi there!  I had my RNY 11/4/04.  I started at 243lbs and am now 137lbs.  I've kept the weight off by sticking to the basics.  I can eat just about anything now but in small amounts.  I take my supplements just about every day (sometimes I forget on the weekends) and fluxuate 5lbs up and down.  The highest I let myself go is 142lbs.  I never want to say that I've lost less than 100lbs (just a number in my head).  I feel really good and healthy.  I wear size 8-10 and am very proud of my success.  IT IS NOT EASY but it is SOOOOOO worth it!


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