Nutri System after Gastric Bypass

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on 9/14/07 1:01 pm - old bridge, NJ
Hey all, I had my WLS Nov 11 2004 lost 132 pds. I just had a baby 7 weeks ago and gained 75 pds during my pregnancy, I was eating out of control. I lost 35 pds within two weeks of having my little one. I have 4o pds to go and was going to try the nutri system diet just to get the weight down, then I am going to try to maintain. Any advice? Has anyone tried Nurti System. I'm wondering if the meal are going to be too large to finish, but most people complain that they are small. We shall see...... Please let me know if you have any advice. Thank you. Kristie~
Sharon B.
on 3/15/08 10:34 am - Chapel Hill, TN
Why would you want to go with Nutra System? Do you not have a Dr that will work with you and get you back on track with your protein supplements that you used after your surgery? There are too many carbs in those meals. I know my surgeon would die if he know I was going back to old diet habits. Good Luck. That is just what I think. I have to get back on track too, but I just went to talk with my dr office that will help me out Sharon
on 10/7/08 8:52 am - NC
First of all congratulations on your baby!  We were hoping I would become pregnant as soon as the two years were up.  No such luck.

As far as portions go, I noticed I have been eating more- but I think its due to stress.

When I'm alone I eat more, however when out with friends or family I noticed I don't touch my plate of food. 

I don't understand what's wrong, I do think it has something to do with the belief that my ulcer has returned with a vengence and I am in pain.  Bread seems to be the only tool to save me from the pain.

I think you are doing great, and remember you are a Mommy now... weight loss is good but I heard it takes awhile to get back to the weight you were when you had the wls.

I was a size 0, now a size 6- just purely out of stress.  I am stopping though, I have added exercise.  Thank goodness for dogs.  Otherwise, I would be crying my eyes out at the inability to have children.  Good luck!
on 9/28/09 3:36 am - Honey Brook, PA
Congratulation on your new baby!!!  It took you 9 months to have your baby, you should realistically give yourself 9 months to get back to your prepregnancy self.  There are pregancy boards on this site - you should go there and see what others have done to get back to goal.  Good luck and congrats again!
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