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Julie V.
on 6/6/12 10:03 am - Lake Mary, FL
 Hello all, can you believe it's been 6 years since we all had weight loss surgery. Everyone left including me for awhile. But needed support for loosing 20 regain pounds so here I am. I've been trying to diet traditionaly but it's not working....I'll never forget my surgeon asking me what I ate that morning for breakfast back 6 years ago when in his office I told him oatmeal and he shakes his head and told me to eat a few slices of when will I back to the protein and trying to stay away from these evil carbs and sugars. Hope you all are doing better than me.      (add me :0)

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Sandra K.
on 6/21/12 1:10 pm - Westlake, OH
You truly are successful at this. I have regained 40 pounds and am struggling to get started backon the weight loss journey. I am inspired seeing your story.

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on 11/20/12 10:34 am



In 2 days you'll be having your 6th anniversary! Congrats! Eating bacon or oatmeal these days? LOL! It's so funny what bothers me. I can eat a steak - a ton of steak but give me a piece of toast or a roll and it feels like it sticks in my throat! Rice and risotto, the same. Still, I will give it a try again thinking I will get a different result! Guess I'll never learn! My biggest problem is what it has always been - grazing. If I didn't exercise so much, I don't know what I would do but the holidays and eating out too much are getting me off track and I have to watch myself! Good luck! Hope you got back on track after this post and are doing great. I think we will all struggle at times but it's not quitting that makes the difference! 



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