on 4/23/08 7:57 am
hi everyone, well I have been a little too ****y. I thought I could eat whatever I wanted and my body would not let me eat too much, so I would not gain. but now I dont seem to ever be satisfied. I lost my job and I am at home and eating all day long, i feel so fat. i hate it. I had a tummy tuck and its always been so flat, now it feels pudgy again. what should i do? any suggestions for me? thanks for your feedback, I need it!:'(
on 4/23/08 8:24 pm - Arverne, NY
RNY on 12/15/03 with
Hi there Sandy, I hope you are OK. First of all you did not mention if you have gained any weight. I know I have been disabled for over one year and have packed on some pounds, I am working so hard and got 10 more to take off. Don't be so hard on yourself. We are all human and its OK. I started bike riding and walking and maybe you can do something as far as exercise while you are home. I am sure you are depressed just being home, but do take one day at a time and remember you have accomplished alot by taking the step in doing WLS. Keep us posted and hold your head up high OK? Lorraine
on 4/24/08 10:06 am
Hi Lorraine. when I lost my weight I gained back 20 lbs from my lowest, but I figured if I maintained this I would be ok. this last week I gained a few, but its just the feeling of being out of control again, and also using food to entertain me. I need to get a grip. I put my exercise bike in the living room today, I figured that would give me motivation. The big thing is though I suddenly feel as if I dont know what I should be eating. what do you eat? I see your posts a lot. take care :-) sandi
on 4/24/08 11:16 am - Arverne, NY
RNY on 12/15/03 with
Hi there Sandi, I do post and always read other posts. These Mesage Boards are what keeps me going. I am fine during the day. I eat yogurt, fruit, and low calorie breads. I also eat plenty of salads. My problems are at night. I can't shut my mouth. We are all human. I find keeping the scale in my room to weigh in and also a picture of me at "GOAL" keeps me motivated. There are many things I can't eat. Ice Cream is one. Meat is another. I am very limiited so it's rough for me. I am bike riding and walking now so I hope to get this last 10 pounds off. Keep posting and lets all try to help each other. OK? ((((((HUGS))))) Lorraine
lori J.
on 8/19/09 10:38 am - westminster, md
Hello girls,
It has been so long since I have been out here. Embarrassed, ashamed that I was once able to encourage people and now can't get myself motivated anymore. I am still down 100 lbs but never made goal. I need to lose another 57 lbs. My doctor ordered a UGI and the result was a small pouch. I ask myself "then how can I eat a whole sandwich and still feel hungry" if my pouch is still small. I do drink a lot when I eat. Is it possible that that is my biggest offender? If I push away the drink will weight start to fall off again. Please, no sugar coating and no 'oh but you have off 100 lbs still'. Please, be very judgemental and give it to me straight on what I should do or what you would do if you were me. I still weigh over 200 lbs. Please, please help me....I don't know what to eat anymore, I don't no where to start.
Many thanks...

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