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on 7/26/08 11:26 pm - Arverne, NY
RNY on 12/15/03 with
Hi there guys!!! How is everyone doing? I wonder often about all you guys. I have been not so well lately. I developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and had many tests to make sure it was not the DPN. That is the Diabetic Periferal Nueropathy that I have since the Obesity brought on so many complications in my life. Thank God for the WLS! I take no meds. I gained about 15 pounds and have taken it off due to the high sugar I was afraid of getting again. Well...........July 15th I had the left hand done and IM healing. But imagine this. My boyfriend took me out to eat on Saturday night, and with a brace on he asked me to MARRY him and put a ring on my finger. I was crying and without my glasses, I could hardly see the sparkle. I am so happy!!!!!!! I have met my soulmate and took my time with him. I have been dating him since November 2004 and this past July made 2 years we live together. He loves me Loose Skin and all Take care guys. Lets hear from you guys!! Lorraine
on 7/27/08 12:36 pm - Mehoopany, PA
Oh Lorraine that's wonderful! Your dreams have come true. Sounds like you got yourself a good one. I'm really happy for you. I wish you the best life can offer and a long happy marriage. Have you decided if you're going all out or just having a small, or just the two of you and witnesses? Forgive me if I'm being too nosy. Nona
on 7/27/08 9:39 pm - Arverne, NY
RNY on 12/15/03 with
Hi Nona, How are you feeling? I hope you are fine. I have a girlfriend who is on Lyrica for FM, and I also was on it for my Diabetic Nueropathy. It made me bloated and I gained 15 pounds and it did not help me. If you are taking it I hope it helps. It also made me very sleepy. I am OK now on Nueroton twice daily. Now to the big question. You are not being nosy at all. I have a friend whom I have been friends with for 34 yrs who is not well at all. If I get married it would be by a justice of the peace and I think I would do it upstate near her house so she could be next to me. I love her dearly. She is just too sick to bring to Jamaica where we wanted to get married at. It would be just us and witnesses. We will go away and we are looking now for our 4th anniversary in November to celebrate. Good to hear from you. Please let me know how you are feeling? How is Joe? Lorraine
on 7/30/08 11:05 am - Mehoopany, PA
I think your friend would love that. Maybe she could be one of your witnesses. My neurologist wants me to cut my Lyrica dose in half and reduce my Wellbutrin by 50mg and increase my Topamax. He thinks that will alleviate the symptoms I'm having. He doesn't think it's MS or anything like that. In the mean time, I'm to have a CT to make sure there's no blood clot from the recent fall I had and banged my head a good one. Lyrica is the only thing that has helped my FM. It did cause a 30lb weight gain, so maybe reducing it I may get rid of some of that. I just hope the pain doesn't come back like it was. Joe is doing ok. He works too hard doing logging. He's trying again to get into P&G and I hope he can because it's so close and less hours. Plus the work would be easier on his body. He applied, so all we can do is wait. Nona
on 8/5/08 4:50 am - Sunny South, FL
Hi Nona and Lorraine. I just got back yesterday morning from Peru (medical mission trip) and trying to catch up on several things. Congratulations Lorraine. DH and I celebrate 36 years of marriage today. I will finished school and have my Bachelors of Science in Nursing. I don't know what I'm going to do with all my time not having to study. I lost four pounds during the 10 day trip and have some gastro problems right now. I surely don't want to lose anymore. I don't have an appetite at all.... I haven't experienced this since immediately after surgery. Glad you are both checking in to our anniversary date.......
on 8/5/08 10:57 pm - Arverne, NY
RNY on 12/15/03 with
Hi Sunny, I am so pleased to see how far you have come in your Nursing career. Peru must have been some experience. I have lots of friends who are RNs and do all sorts of traveling as nursing and missionary work. They love it. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband. Our wedding will be in Jamaica in November when we celebrate our 4th anniversary. We will be married at the Grand Lido in Negril, right on the beach.Expedia is making all the arrangements for us. I can't wait. I think its time. I will wear a nice fancy beach dress and Harold will wear white pants and a nice shirt. We are both beach people and the chapel will be set up on the beach. We just don't have a date that week yet. Get back to you guys on the exact date. Keep up your great work in your missionary work. God has a place for you and I think its very rewarding at what you are doing. When I feel better I will be donating some time to home care Hospice. I will help families that care for the dying to get out a bit for food shopping and sit with their loved ones. Just volunteer. I feel very needed in this area and have always. I am retired and know this is what I would love. Peace and love to you. Lorraine
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