I can't believe it....

on 10/14/08 11:06 am - Sunny South, FL
There are a lot of things going on right now....

#1 I can't believe our youngest daughter is getting married ..... empty nesters we will be!
#2 I can't believe that at 58 I recieved my Bachelor's in Nursing degree! (7-28-08)
#3 I can't believe I'm still in school....now working on my Masters in Nursing
#4 I can't believe that it will be five years since my surgery in December.
#5 I can't believe my weight is holding at goal status!



See God's track record in your journey,

decide that you will trust Him. 


on 10/16/08 10:41 pm - Arverne, NY
RNY on 12/15/03 with
Hi there Sunny, You are doing great. God enables us for the power of believing in ourselves. I believed in you to complete #1- #5 and there will be more. Now.... Let me start....
1- I can't believe it has been 5 years since my surgery. I have held my weight up 5lbs down 5lbs.
2- I can't believe I have met mysoulmate and our 4th anniverary is November 13th.
3- I can't believe that on Dec.3,2008 I will marry him in Jamaica at the age of 56.
4-I can't believe that love has come my way and I am here to enjoy life to the fullest.
5. I can't believe that I have met you guys to share it with.
Can we hear from everyone!
Love to all,
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