Upcoming 8 YR Anniversary

on 11/14/11 9:41 am - Rogers, AR
Just checking in with everyone to see how you are doing.  I was thinking today that Dec 10th (less than a month away) will be my 8 yr anniversary -  my weight this morning was at 160 - since my lowest I have gained 20, but overall my goal is to get back to 145 where I felt the best.  Started working out some again, but it's hard not to eat junk.  I feel like I am back on the CARBS and addicted again - I know that i eat just to eat again- not just when I am hungery.....  any advise on how to get started again?

Even though I'd like to lose the extra 15 - I am still way better off then when I was 282 lbs.

Cherie A.
on 1/31/12 11:46 am - Overland Park, KS
very similar...rny on Dec. 22, 2003.  Lost 158 and managed to keep most of it off.  I float between 200 and 226.  Harder to keep under control the older I get, but I'm determined to never get that big again.  Would love to get down to 145 or so, but we shall see.

Pick yourself up, look at those old "before" pics and find the ol' motivation that's just hiding a little right now.
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