Vitamins make me feel worse?

on 1/10/07 11:12 am - Edison, NJ
RNY on 12/05/05 with
I want to ask everyone... Do you feel better or worse when you are taking your vitamins on a regular basis? ME..Whenever I start taking my vitamins EVERY day I feel like crud! I'm soooo tired all day long...aren't vitamins supposed to make us feel better? Sometime I stop taking them so I feel good for a week at a time..I am taking Centrum Chewables Multi-Vitamin and a B-12 supplement. I take 2 centrums a day..and one B-12 Has anyone else had this happen to them? Feeling worse when taking vitamins? Tracy
Diona A.
on 1/12/07 12:04 pm - Miles City, MT
Tracy, Look at the ingredients in the vitamins and maybe try a different one. Sometimes you can be allergic to something in a supplement, just like something in a food. I take flinstone complete chewables and don't have any problems. Just a thought, Diona
on 1/12/07 10:03 pm - Edison, NJ
RNY on 12/05/05 with
Thank you for your response. I started on Flistone's chewable in the very beginning after surgery..Doc. said one wasn't enough cuz my bloods were coming back I started taking 2,,still not good enough...I was on Flistone's until I was taking 4 a day..Finally my doctor told me to try something else because apparantly Flinstone's doesn't have what I need...So I started taking Centrum chewables..on that for awhile and bloods came back bad...Doc told me to take 2 a day + a B12 supplement...Soooo that's what I've been taking. I haven't been consistant with taking my vitamins...but when I am taking them everyday I feel sooooo tired..and just BLAH! I think I'm going to talk to my Pharmacist and see what he recommends... Thanks Again! Tracy
Laura G.
on 1/29/07 4:22 am - Federal Way, WA
I crashed on Flinstone's 3 times...once was enough. I dont know what it was, the only thing I can think of is the air got to it and turned it brownish in color (a few specks), are you taking the vitamins directly out of the bottle, or putting them in a weekly container? I found when I take them directly out of the bottle I am ok. Putting them in the weekly (pop up lids) containter (I hope you know what I mean by this) I was feeling the same way you do.
on 1/29/07 1:51 pm - Edison, NJ
RNY on 12/05/05 with
I take my vitamins from the bottle they came in. I was thinking of trying the Bariatric Vitamins that you can buy from this site..maybe they will help me feel better..maybe they have something that the over the counter vitamins are lacking..
on 2/8/07 2:16 am - Solon, OH
I definitely think that the bariatric multi vitamins are the best to take. I have been taking them since my surgery, but I have to admit I do feel tired a lot though. I have added B12 shots also in addition to my calcium and fish oil, I also take iron. U may want to check to see if ur iron levels are low, that could also be a factor. Check out they have a gr8 variety of bariatric vitamins. GOOD LUCK
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