Where did the time go???

on 7/2/07 6:37 am - Sheboygan, WI
I can't believe that I am 18 months out! I am enjoying life so much these days. I have not been to this site in months and I feel guilty. I used to live here and now life just goes on. I can play basketball with my son now. We chase each other and I actually win sometimes. I don't sweat like a pig when the temps go over 65. Life is great. I still have troubles eating somethings like rice and pasta. Does anyone else have problems eating certain things. I would like to lose another 40lbs but I will be happy if I stay where I am. I have lost a total of 107 lbs so far. I still hate exercise and I don't think that will change . Tell me how you are doing at 18 months out.
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on 7/6/07 1:52 am
Time has flown by here too! I am down 90 pounds and could stand to lose another twenty and/or some serious toning up on this sharpei-looking body. I eat pretty much any protein. I stay away from sugar....partly for the fear of dumping and mainly because I am diabetic and LOVE how controlled my numbers are right now. If I splurge, it is a piece of real fruit or a mini-chunk of good dark chocolate. I do carry hard candies (Jolly ranchers or the like) for the times when my medicine and blood sugar get ahead of my eating schedule and I bottom out slightly. I can eat pasta in small quantities but rice still causes me pain. If bread is nice and crunchy I can enjoy a few bites....but to eat a sandwich bun.....not so good. It just feels real heavy for half hour and I am miserably uncomfortable until it settles. (I have to lay down and moan for a bit). I want to make exercise something I will do and something I will come to enjoy. I joined a gym last summer and wasted my money. I am attempting to walk every day and it is improving. I am much more active, but doing the sustained stress-relieving type of exercise that would benefit my body and soul is still way down the list of things to do. (If anyone has ideas on making it happen...let me know!) How is everyone coming along with their new style of dressing? Is that different and challenging? I have come back to the boards in the last month or so. I have found the support to be very encouraging as a reminder. Vicky
on 7/10/07 9:05 am - VALLEJO, CA
Hi there, I went a couple weeks ago for my 18th month check up. I am down 224. It's so amazing. I could still stand to lose another 25 lbs. I plan on really trying even thou the weight loss has slowed down quite abit. I can eat everything which is not good. I just started experimenting with sugar, I was faithfully staying away from it, but lately have been trying alittle at a time, and no dumping. I love being able to wear cute clothes, of everyone at work gives me a hard time cause I always have new clothes. I am seeing some jealousy for the first time. A couple of my coworkers seem annoyed when people mention my weightloss. I have gotten smaller then them, I guess they liked it better when I was the "fat girl in the office" I don't let it get me down thou. I remember how it feel. Life is great.. lets get this forum going again. Lynn
on 7/17/07 10:54 am - West Chester, OH
RNY on 12/05/05 with
Time absolutely flies! I'm down 181 and would like to lose another 22 before my two year appointment. That will be my goal which I would be very happy to make. Things are great---blood work outstanding/no complications. I still have problems with chicken, pork, bread, and rice...and sugar if it is a lot ( can eat a couple of cookies but really dumped on a Starbucks that I thought was SF and wasn't.) Exercise has become (dare I say) fun. Have been power walking a lot and adding strength training through Jazzercize body sculpting and weights and stability ball at home. I went to water aerobics this summer which I usually do each summer but I didn't enjoy it as much----the water made me freeze all day. Coldness is still sometimes a hardship to be lived with. Clothes shopping has been fun and at times confusing. Why is a 16 and a 16W not the same size? Why is the size in one store not the same in another? How do you buy panty hose? Or underwear? Where do you buy clothes when the 0X at Catherine's no longer fits? It's nice to just go somewhere and have no one notice you because you are so heavy.
on 8/12/07 4:44 pm - Jacksonville, FL
RNY on 12/20/05 with
18 months and I am down 110 lbs but still need to lose another 40, 60 , 80 lbs. Those are the steps I am taking it in. 40 is the minimum. 60 would be great----80 would be PERFECT. But, hey this isn't about perfection--its about my health, and right now---its FANTASTIC. My surgeon and I have discovered I have had a mechanical failure of my Rny----my stoma is WAY too big and emptying my pouch too fast. We worked on a repair and that seems to be helping. I've lost another 10 lbs in two months. I'll take it!!! I don't like to exercise and walking has been my main form. But my PCP says its time to step it up to build some cardio vascular stamina. So, he recommended that I join a gym or the Y. NOT Curves he said---too much impact on the circuit thing and I already have a stress fracture in my foot. So, that is my next step---HEYYYY think I can find a sexy cute trainer to help me out ? I am proud of what I and my surgeon have done for my health. Now it's time for me to step up and do MORE on my part.
on 8/17/07 1:45 pm - federal way, WA
Where did the time go? I ask myself that everyday. I am down 157 pounds and size 26-28 to 4-6. In theory I knew I would loose weight, but i never imagined myself being this size, EVER. I can eat almost anything except sugar, rice and pasta. It isn't so much of what I eat, but how much and how fast. If I eat too much too fast I dump. I have to eat small amounts, about 2-3 oz several times a day. It has been an adjustment. My usual mode of exercise is walking. But I think it is time to start looking into joining a gym. As far as my health, I no longer use my CPAP machine when I sleep and I no longer take any blood pressure medications. I don't feel like I am slowly dying anymore. My health has definitely improved. I think everyone who decides to change their life through weight loss surgery should be proud of what they have accomplished. Contrary to the myth that "this is the easy way out", it has not been an easy journey. Not just from the physical changes, but the emotional and mental discoveries/changes I have been going through. I am grateful everyday that I made this choice and would do it all over again.
on 9/15/07 12:20 pm - Solon, OH
Congrats to you marta that's awsome!! I am also almost 2 years out (12/16) and yes the time has totally flown by. I am maintaining a weightloss of 110lb since last December and feel wonderful. I also wear a size 4-6 and sometimes a 2 depending on the style. My health has improved and I just overall feel great. I would like to see before and after pics of you, plus have you thought of doing a profile on this website? I started mine before my surgery and finished it a while back and it was very theraputic to do, so hopefully I will read yours one day. Keep up the good work hugs
on 9/18/07 3:12 am - Kittanning, PA
You are all doing so great! I am doing ok-I wish I could lose a little more-but I'm still working on it. Down 125 from my all time high of 282. My biggest problem is that I absolutly hate-to excercise. I have not been back to the Dr. since about 3 months out but I do feel much better and my 10-12's are still lots better than my former 26-28's. I have to say, I miss coming on here and chatting with you all. I think we need a support group of some kind. I think I can eat just about whatever I want-but I do not want the same things anymore-and that's a good thing. LOL
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