Shocked at the scale!

cheryl m
on 9/15/07 11:52 am - Bradford, MA
Well I know I have not been very good lately but I stepped on the scale friday and OMG! I am now 174 lbs. Last I weighed my self it was 165. (I thought I felt different) My lowest weight was about 156 lbs but didn't stay there long- I was usually about 158-164. I have been able to eat more carbs and I guess it shows. And a lot of stress eating. Any advice to GET BACK ON TRACK? Can I got back to protein drinks? How does everyone else get that old "gun-ho" feeling back???? Thanks for any advice! Cheryl
on 9/15/07 12:14 pm - Solon, OH
I would recommend u going back to your original plan of protein first followed by the veggies and make sure to weigh everything. Also if you haven't been excersising, I suggest u also do that, even if its walking every day, also make sure you are getting in your daily dose of liquids and vitamins. Another suggestion is to contact your nutritionist at your dr's practice for further advice. I go onto an online support group with my nutritionist every monday night between 9 and 10. If u are interested please let me know and I will be happy to give you the details on how to join us. I think it would be of great help to you. Good luck with everything and take care. hugs
Diona A.
on 10/3/07 2:38 pm - Miles City, MT
I went to my doctor and said give me more thyroid pills! And while we were at it we upped my progesterone and testosterone and cut down my estrogen. I'm feeling so much better and sleeping so much better. Maybe that's what you need - maybe your enimic. Go talk to your doctor! And if he isn't open minded, find another one. Write me if you want some more information. Diona
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