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on 11/6/07 2:35 am
So surgery buddies, we are nearly at that magic two year post op mark. How are you doing? Share about the weight loss victories and struggles. Share about the surprising issues that have become a part of your life. What about wow's? Have you made any big changes in the cir****tances of your life? Has the ride been enjoyable? Are you pleased with where you are at the moment? What are your next goals, if you have any? Vicky
on 11/11/07 8:55 am - Greenwood, LA
I am below my original goal of 139, I usually weight between 119-121, so I am very pleased...I have had no struggles, did dehydrate once and ended up in the ER, but it was also 105 outside and I was drinking a lot just not enough. It scared the fire out of me and my family. I thought I was having a stroke. The ride had been incrediable, next goal is plastic surgery. It may take awhile to save for it and is not something that is needed just wanted... Jodi
Diona A.
on 11/11/07 9:37 am - Miles City, MT
RNY on 12/28/05 with
How about you Vicki? Care to answer your own questions?
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on 11/23/07 2:22 am
The nearly two year ride has been incredible! I am at 161, down from my all time high of 255. I know more weight off would be ideal and if it happens, wonderful. I have been steady for nearly a year...losing only five pounds or so in the last ten months. My diabetes is in control. I am still insulin dependent, but with less medication and much better control. My A1c is actually normal. I am THRILLED. I have changed jobs twice since my surgery. My level of confidence and not-willing-to settle attitude is the key. I am pleased with the opportunities that have come along and enjoy making new advances with my career. Wows..... I hiked a mile into and out of the Grand Canyon on Bright Angel Trail. Absolutely amazing feat for me. I have had some vacations with friends with total freedom of "what can I tolerate" concerns. Where I work, people do not know the fat Vicky. It is astonishing not to have the baggage. I have found my 'not-willing-to-settle' attitude creates some troubles, too. I am swayed by attention from sources I should ignore at times. It is heady to be the 'pretty one' and not just the big girl with the pretty face. I am adjusting, but it is emotionally trying at times. I went back to the counselor (psych eval) for a little how am I doing check up. She still thinks I am sane. (Good approval to have!) I had some skin cancer surgery that was a much bigger ordeal than I thought it would be. The recovery time has been longer than RNY and more upsetting. It was a large tumor on my face, under some previous skin cancer scar tissue from 20 plus years ago. I think pre-WLS I would have been devasted. Now.... it is something ot handle and move on. I don't know normal weight and size as an adult so I have no idea about goal weight. The charts say 145 is normal for me.............. so I keep thinking I should get there. It would likley take some plastics to make it, but I have my eye on the prize. A health life. AMEN! Vicky
Diona A.
on 11/11/07 9:42 am - Miles City, MT
RNY on 12/28/05 with
Almost two years out - I lost almost 100 pounds and have gained about 15 back. I'm healthy though, and my life is now non-stOP. That was the whole point of having the surgery - to get healthy. My biggest problem these days is over doing and getting sore. I did have a tummy tuck back in February when I had to have a pelvic hernia repaired. I took would like more plastic surgery - mainly the side boobs taken off and the ladies lifted. Instead of being a 34DD, it would be nice to just be a 34C. Since I have another hernia, maybe I can combine the two down the road. I am out jogging again and can do 6 miles or more at a time. Yes the ride has been enjoyable and I am very pleased with my results. My next goal is to run a 10K but I don't think I'm going to get it done this year. Diona
on 11/18/07 11:29 am - Jacksonville, FL
RNY on 12/20/05 with
Well.... I am down 113 lbs... and been that way for about a year. I'd like to drop another 40-50... but... 2 of the 3 goals I set out when I had surgery have been met. My diabetes is in remission My hypertension is GONE I only take medication now for my allergies/asthma and high cholesterol. Genetics did the cholesterol... even in the first 6 months post op when I was eating very little, my liver was cranking out the cholesterol like the world was going to end. I am down to the smallest size I have worn in 20 yrs. I started at a 5x or 32W pants--and a 4x top. Today I wear a 20W pants, and a 1-2x top--depends on how its cut. See my profile for photos that were updated just today. I am happy. I hope all my surgery buddies from 12/05 are happy and healthy.
Kathryn B.
on 11/26/07 3:23 pm - Midwest City, OK
Well I as everyone else is nearing my two year mark and must say I feel great. I started at 360+ I do not know my true weight due to not wanting to know but as of this morning I am at 240 so I have 45 pounds to my goal weight. I have only had one major issue I had an ingrown hair back in september and it was to close to the port and caused my port site to get infected and one of the "doctors" here in town fliped my port side ways but got tht fixed and the doctor did another fill at the time and that seems to have kind of kick started the weight loss again. My goals have been many and I have met a lot of them. I have flown on an air plane not once but a few times and fit in the seat, I can fit in a movie theater chair and be comfortable. I now wear my kids out instead of the other way around. I finally am able to shop at walmart and not worry about the clothes not fitting. My goal for the next year is to get to my goal and work up to doing something crazy like white water river rafting.
on 12/5/07 1:12 am - Hicksville, OH
Started at 258 lost 125 pounds. I weigh daily and have +5 pound margin, then I get right back on program for a few weeks and can lose it. I have had some problems with emotional things, because I can't eat my problems away. I have been in counseling and am doing great now. I still dump off of too much sugar or fat, but can tolerate them in small portions. Next up is a tummy tuck, breast lift and augmentation. Hoping to have this done in May. Sarah
on 12/11/07 7:40 am - cumming, GA
Hi, I am down 106.5 lbs ....Had surgery 12-29-05 at Emory Crawford Long . I am no longer Diabetic nor do I have High blood pressure........I always get a good result from my bloodwork now. My self esteem is wonderful and I can shop for clothes in the girls section. WOW....this surgery has definately changed my life! I work out w/weights now and plan to start working out more after I heal from my plastic surgery. Alice
on 12/15/07 8:27 am - Columbus, OH
I'm totally thrilled with my life changes since having surgery. My profile has all the details. I'm going to see my surgeon for my 2 year visit. I lost about 140 lbs total and then gained 45 lbs while pregnant. I lost all but 17 lbs of that weight without trying. Now it's time for me to go for the goal. I was within 30 lbs of my goal when I got pregnant so I have 47 lbs to lose. I'm planning to see my dietician next week so I can get back on track! I was running prior to getting pregnant and it's my goal to get back to running but living in Ohio it's not the time of year to be outside running so back to the treadmill. Santa, a.k.a. DH, got me the Apple Nike iPod monitor to use when working out - a new toy to get me interested in working out! Maybe I'll get a mommy and baby workout video. Anything to keep it interesting.
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