Hello - second chance!

on 1/11/08 8:20 am
Hello everyone - This is Jo - I ;ve feel off track but am trying hard to get back on it - just wanted to drop in to say I am officially giving myself a second chance - I have not gotten to my personal goal yet but I am working on it - I just bought a tony little gazelle today and will begin my own second chance - I have 40 lbs to go and I will do it - thanks anyone *****ads - I just needed to write this down lol
Laura G.
on 1/16/08 1:24 am - Federal Way, WA
Me Too!!!! I have 50 to go to my goal, I gained 14 over Christmas. Got any tricks for me/us? I heard go back to basics, I am assuming this means protein shakes....... Any help from anyone will help! Thanks!!!!
on 1/16/08 7:12 am
Hi Laura - I will start back on shakes as well - I am just trying very hard not to eat as much carbs - as I have been eating bread ( 1 slice toast with either cheese or bit of peanut butter) for breakfast or english muffin - but it is very hard for me - guess I just need more will power oh and my water intake has dropped - and remember not to eat after 7:30 - I am up to 7 mins on the Gazelle - my goal is to get to 30 min in the next 2 weeks - I am here for you if you need a buddy -Jo
(deactivated member)
on 1/18/08 10:11 pm
Congrats to both of you for taking charge of your well being. As we get further out from our life changing WLS, we must remember health is everyone's job number one! I am within 15 pounds of my goal and still striving to reach it. I have found the type of protein helps. MORE FISH MORE FISH MORE FISH Keep communicating. It is a great source of encouragement! Vicky
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