Struggling...Need A Friend...

on 7/15/08 10:50 am - big lake, MN
I am fairly new to this... For persnal reasons I can not share to much of my storey without fear that someone close to me will recognize that I am posting this...I really need a friend right now... I have found that post op I have tried to find other means to "medicate my feelings" as I couldn't with food, sex, etoh, and now food again as I am no longer feeling ill this far post op...I am up 23 pounds (currently 156 pounds).... OMG, I don't know where to start with my storey, and all of the consequences that have punished me with my poor decisions... I appreciate the support I have witnessed on this...and am seeking someone that I can be honest with as I have isolated myself for so long, even after a drastic weight loss, I do not know how to nuture any relationship with a female "aquaintence" in which would/could develop into a meanful friendship in which we could could support each other in this journey...of life...and truely living it...finding meaning/happiness..not mere we do not have to hide in the excess weight anymore...but do not want to fall face first into another addiction... I thank all who took the time out of their day to read this, and especially those who took the the time to respond... In urgent need of a friend~ Joy
on 7/22/08 5:36 am - VALLEJO, CA
I understand how you are feeling, as I sit here at work eating a cheeseburger from Carls Jr. I have gain approx 25 lbs as well. I am not sure why we do this to ourselfs, I am trying to get a control on it. I actually have been doing better, except for today. I know that reading all post here and on other boards really help me. Anytime you feel like venting..go right ahead we are here to help each other. take care Lynn
on 8/16/08 9:01 pm - Los Angeles, CA
Hi Joy, I just read your post and can so relate to what you're going through and how you feel right now. I am out 2 1/2 years and am down to 125 lbs., but I have transferred my eating addiction to other addictions (I won't go into what right now). I have been through a lot in the past few years, and, although this surgery has been the best thing I've ever done, it does have it's ups and downs. I have lost a few friends along the way, but I am celebrating the fact that I am "normal" every day! Please reply to this. I would love to talk about what we've both been through, what we're going through, and what we need to do to stay happy and thin (normal)! It's already the 17th of August, so I hope you're still looking at the replies to your very touching and important post. Nothing tastes as good as thin feels! Janet
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