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Josh H.
on 12/20/15 5:43 pm - Merida, Mexico
RNY on 12/20/05 with
Topic: Congrats on the 10 years!

Hoping everyone is doing well, I know most of us don't come here very often, but I hope everyone is doing well on their journeys. 

here is me 10 years ago and one week ago.


"I'm not ashamed of where i've been but proud of where i am!"

on 11/30/13 8:09 pm - Los Angeles, CA
Topic: Still Going Strong!

Hi all,

I am celebrating my 8th birthday today!  I feel so empowered and free!  I walk 4-5 miles 7 days a week and don't eat big portions.  I can do things now I never believed I could do, like work again, take care of my family and myself.  Things are not always easy.  I do get sick sometimes (dumping) when I eat too much sugar (not thinking) and when I overeat.  One would think these things would pass by now, but there are still times when I indulge and forget that I am not that person anymore.  My weight is 115 lbs., so I have maintained a weight loss of around 110 lbs. since my gastric bypass surgery on December 1, 2005.  I feel like a totally different person.  My lifestyle has changed 100%.  Sometimes people don't understand the things I go through, like getting sick and having to abstain from certain foods, but I don't care...I feel like a million bucks!  Please, if you're reading this and you are trying to decide whether or not to have this surgery, know that if you follow your surgeon's instructions, you'll do great!  If you continue to try and eat like you did before, you will stretch  your stomach and regain your weight.  Also, you need to do some kind of activity, both for the mind and body, like working out (walking will do just fine) and some hobby, like knitting, to keep your hands busy when watching TV.  I want to pay it forward and this is the only way I know how to do it...writing down my success with my weight loss journey...the biggest challenge in my life!  And I am doing it!  I do wonder where all the other people who had surgery 8 years ago are, but am hoping they are busy with their new life!




Scott William
on 1/17/13 10:25 pm
Topic: RE: do you remember me?

Your profile says that you had surgery in 2004.  You may be looking on the wrong board. 

on 1/10/13 11:26 am - Victorville, CA
Topic: do you remember me?

where is everyone?

Kathryn B.
on 8/14/12 9:42 pm - Midwest City, OK
Topic: RE: How is everyone doing?
So i am not the only one who has been on the roller coaster.  I am looking forward to the next few months and year number 7 this is gonna be my year.
Scott William
on 7/24/12 11:38 am
Topic: RE: How is everyone doing?
Same story. Got to a slim low of 237 and went right back to 245 which was fine with me. For the next 5 years I was between 250 and 265 which I was also okay with. The last 18 stressful months have been tough and I'm up to 275 which is not fine. I feel like a slug and my running has suffered. I would sign up for 260 even though 245 feels really good.

Link to my running journal

4 full's - 14 halves - 2 goofy's and one Mt. Washington!
(deactivated member)
on 12/12/11 2:15 am
Topic: RE: Happy 6th Birthday!
Happy Birthday indeed!

It was six years ago but doesn't it seem like  a different life at times?  I saw some old photos on display at a work event and actually couldn't figure out why I wasn't in the shot, until I saw 'me' way back then.

I am doing very well on maintaining my weight loss.  I hope for each of us it is celebration of where we are now!

on 12/1/11 6:38 pm - Los Angeles, CA
Topic: Happy 6th Birthday!

Whoever still reads these posts, celebrated my 6th year out of gastric bypass surgery yesterday and it feels good, great, fantastic!  Life is much better for me than it was 6 years ago.  I have had no complications since my surgery and am at my goal weight of 125 lbs.  I still walk at least 4 miles a day 7 days a week and watch what I eat (most of the time).  I do go on my binges every once in a while, but do get sick when I eat lots of sugar or fat.  It's a great life living the way I do.  I feel very liberated and not like a prisoner in my own body.  I can look in the mirror and feel empowered about who I am and what I'm doing each day to help myself with my food issues.  I check this site often and don't see a lot of postings from this forum which makes me think that a lot of people who have been out for a while aren't doing well or are just too busy to post.  Congratulations and happy birthday to all of us!  

Wants to win too! 

Nicki F.
on 11/8/11 2:13 am - Philadelphia, NY
Topic: RE: How is everyone doing?
I too regained about 50 lbs after my initial loss, and then lost 24 lbs.  I'm back down to 204.  I wasn't taking my vitamins the way that I needed to.  I did discover I was getting just about everything I needed for vitamins from food though.  I was only deficient in Vitamin D and Calcium (because if you aren't getting in the Vit D, you cannot metabolize the calcium).  Once I started taking a supplement for that - I was right as rain for energy.

Now, it's time to get back on track with portion sizes, caloric intake, and exercise.  My goal is to get down by 10 lbs by my WLS anniversary date of 12/13.  I'd like to get down by 30 lbs by April of next year.  I know ... lofty goals!


on 10/10/11 3:42 pm - STATEN ISLAND, NY
Topic: RE: How is everyone doing?
 I'm also dealing with Regain.  I had a baby and bad habits 4 yrs later up 60lbs.  
but kidlet is in pre-school now.  So i am going to the gym and treating it like a job.

I also just finished up a round of IV Iron infusions back in april/may.  So TAKE YOUR VITAMINS!

Regain is one of those things that feels shameful.
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