Approved and Scheduled 26 Dec.

on 11/12/12 10:10 am - VA
VSG on 12/06/12 with

NOT psyched about the date, but ready to get this show on the road.  Fasting for Christmas..I'm survive!  Merry Christmas to me.

 HW 286.7--SW 264.4--CW 184.2  M1-24.8//M2-14.8//M3-7.6//M4-10.0//M5-3.8//M6-8.4//M7-6.4//M8- 4.8//M9 +1

Joyce J.
on 11/14/12 3:37 am
VSG on 12/26/12
That is my surgery date too! Hope the docs get lots of sleep and are ready to go!
Joyce J.
on 12/9/12 3:11 pm
VSG on 12/26/12

I'm starting my pre-op low carb diet a little earlier than the 2 wks......I've had a few stops and starts but today was great.   I'm just supposed to stay at 40 carbs or below.   17 day countdown!  So far my favorite protein shake is the chocolate mint by Syntrax.  It's pretty good if you add a little greek yogurt. 


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