Date change! Moved from 26 to 6 December...

on 11/15/12 6:25 am - VA
VSG on 12/06/12 with

Let's get this train ROLLING!

 HW 286.7--SW 264.4--CW 184.2  M1-24.8//M2-14.8//M3-7.6//M4-10.0//M5-3.8//M6-8.4//M7-6.4//M8- 4.8//M9 +1

katie L.
on 12/3/12 12:27 am

YOU GO GIRL!!!!!  the train is leaving the station and you are on board. Your ticket is stamped and off you go toward your goal, enjoy the ride.angry My train is coming down the rails I will be boarding Dec. 26th see at the loser bench.

on 12/5/12 1:52 am - Oglesby, TX

Good Luck tomorrow!!! Welcome to you new you!! I will be joining you on that train on 12/14! :) 

5'9" HW:350lbs SW: 332.6lbs CW: 254lbs GW: 175lbs Surgery: VSG Date: December 14,2012          


katie L.
on 12/7/12 4:13 am

DEC. SLEEVES GET ON BOARD AND FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELTS. We are on our way to a new health life.We are in for the ride of our lives.Lest work the plan so that the plan work for us. If we need help come the the forum.

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