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on 1/27/13 8:45 am - Calgary, Canada
RNY on 02/26/14

I have my appointment with the Red Deer clinic on Friday and know I will be on the one cup diet so I was wondering from those of you who had to do it if you had any recipes that follow their guidelines that you can share. I plan on making big batches of things and then just freezing it in 1 cup portions. 

on 1/27/13 12:01 pm - Calgary, Canada

I have been on the one cup diet per meal since November.what they told me that you can eat what you want as long it has a starch, protein (very important ) and veggie and it fits into one cup. I usually eat 2 boiled eggs, and a slice of toast or a cup of cearal with milk for breakfast. A cup of soup with a slice of bread or wrap with a little bit of meat and cheese for lunch , sometimes i will have left overs from the night before. I have been cooking and eating the same way before I started my diet but reduced the portion size now to a cup and i have lost over 22lbs. But it is very important that you cut out junk and pop and drink water and don't snack in between meals . The first few weeks are tough but it is worth it in the end :0) Hope this was helpful ! Good luck.


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