support group

on 9/29/13 12:00 pm - CALGARY, Canada

looking for a support group here in the Calgary area. No one gets what we go thur except people who have had it.


Also looking for an exercise and or support buddy



on 10/3/13 3:45 pm - Turner Valley, Canada

Hi there , 

I have not had the surgery yet, not until Nov 7th ( so soon ) grins. 

I have met 2 ladies through here that have both had their surgeries done. We were all hoping to get together last month but " life " would not let us !! I hope that we all can get together asap.

I know for myself that I would certainly like to meet you and the other 2 lovely ladies. I will send an invite for private chat and we can connect there. 


on 10/28/13 9:11 am
RNY on 03/18/13

I would be happy to be part of the gathering as well !!  



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