Will surgery even help me?

on 7/24/16 8:59 pm

Hi everyone,

I live about an hour from Calgary and I am considering requesting a surgery for the Calgary clinic from my doctor. I am wondering if surgery will really help me? I desperately need to lose weight for the sake of my health, my marriage, and my children.

I am 32 years old and a mother of two. My BMI is 43. In my early 20's, I lost over 100lbs and maintained a BMI of about 25 for almost 5 years. Children have taken a toll on my body... and I just can't seem to get it together.

I have been trying to lose weight for almost 3 years (since the birth of my last child) and can't seem to do it. I have been attending weigh****chers every week. I will lose 20ish lbs and then gain it again. I emotionally eat a lot.

I am a Psychologist, so I know a thing or two about the cognitive distortions and thought processes that lead me to eat. But that does not stop me from doing it.

I am desperate to lose weight and go through the motions day in an day out, but I just can't get anything to stick. Even if I have surgery I will still be an emotional eater and binge on occasion... will surgery even help me?!  I know how to eat well, whole grains, fruit and veggies, lean meats- I maintained a BMI of 25 for years after growing up heavy. But I just eat too much sometimes!

I feel like (no offence please to anyone!!) that having surgery is like giving up. 

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

on 7/25/16 10:46 am - Drayton Valley, Canada


i know there are weight wise classes that a person can take. If you look up on Alberta health it should steer you in the right direction.  Or private message me and I would be happy to help you find them. 

As far as surgery I felt the same way ( I am pre surgery).  All theses other diets seem to be a quick fix. But the lifestyle change is hard to do. My doctor at my clinic has said that he is really sure mine is genetics so I will probably never lose it on my own. I cried all the way home.  I am eating a cup and a half of food at each meal as per the clinic. And still no budge on the scale. I have come to my senses and trying the surgery because that's what I have left. If I don't keep trying then I will fail. 

Wish you the best of luck! 

on 8/10/16 10:05 pm

I think it may be able to help you. Depending on which surgery you have you will have restriction with sleeve and other benefits as well with gastric bypass. Like all weight management techniques you have to make changes to help with maintaining. Between the waiting and the classes and appointments it has been worth it for me. And gives you lots of time to come to terms its up to you if the surgery will work. It sure can help though!  And being successful makes you want to continue the loss and gives you motivation. Good luck with your decision!

on 9/21/16 9:05 pm

Hi there!

I have been in the program a year and now just waiting on a surgery date.... I too tried every other diet, would lose weight and gain it all back again then some.... so I hear ya. I also would emotion eat as well. But you have to think of it as a lifestyle change....I had to see a nurse,nutritionist every 4-8 weeks and also had to see a psychologist as well. You find out alot about yourself and why you got to where you are... i've lost between 60-70 on my own since my highest weight last August.  Having the surgery isn't giving up. Your being given a tool and properly utilized it'll work for you. When I saw a nutritionist they told me how I should be eating ie: how many grams of protein,fats,carbs etc and show you how to portion things out. That made a huge huge difference . Good luck with your decision. I know I made the right one for myself ?